When Will Blue Blood Season 12 Arrive On CBS? Know Everything Here-

Here you will get to know Every Thing About includes the Release, Plot Cast of season 12.

Blue Blood Season 12

The crime drama is winning the hearts of people all over the world. People are getting engaged in the stories as well as cases day by day. The procedure to solve the case and finding pieces of evidence attracts the audience very much.

It is expected that The famous crime drama series Blue Bloods is coming to an end with its 11th season, but here is the good news for the fan that Season 12 will also be soon telecasted on CBS.

“Blue Bloods” is a police procedural and crime drama that originated in America which got aired on CBS in September 2010. Since then it’s running on CBS and will complete its 11 seasons. 

Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess are the creators and Fred Keller and David Barrett are the producers of the series Blue Bloods.

Blue Blood Season 12

The Plot Of The Series Blue Bloods Season 12 As Well As Of The Previous Season:

In the previous season, the episode starts with the clash between Frank and Regina Thomas, a city council speaker, over the protests going on in the city against police brutality. Frank then composes a resignation. Anthony, Jamie, and Joe leave to find Danny and Baez. Eddie then helps a young woman to find her father’s body.

Danny, Baez, and Jamie work together to prove a drug lord guilty, after the murder of the witness against him. Danny is confirmed about the Lawyer of the drug lord that he must have leaked the witness list to his client.

Detective Joe does a kidnapping off duty that is caught on camera and made him face NYPD. Thus, Frank, Joe, and Paula are now compelled to reveal the ties of Joe’s family.

Joe Hill turns out to be a member of the Reagan family. Later, a young woman visits Danny and shows him a video in which her grandfather was pushed down the stairs. She claims that her grandfather was murdered and she wants an investigation.

She reveals that she spoke to Jamie also but he didn’t respond as she claimed that God told her that her grandfather was murdered.

In this season relationships between the characters seems to be changing. Joe Hill returns to the Reagan family. Danny and Baez also get close to each other after surviving in a dangerous case of finding a serial killer.

In the later episodes, Baez’s love life is revealed as a dead body is found on her lawn. The man who was killed was once the love of her life. Erin was also struggling to work with her new boss as she didn’t get promoted.

Season 11 has a total of 16 episodes, 14 of which are already released and 2 of them will be released on 14th May 2021.

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Return Of “Blue Bloods” With Season 12:

Star Tom Selleck says that there are many stories yet to tell about this family. This means that season 12 is not so far. We can even say that further seasons- season 13, 14, 15, and so on, are also not so far.

The official release date of season 12 is not yet declared but as the trend of releasing the seasons in September of their respective years that shows, season 12 may be released in September too. Season 11 was released in December, as it got postponed due to COVID- 19 pandemic. As soon as the outbreak will be under control, the series will again come back to its spot on the calendar.

It is not confirmed but a guess that Blue Bloods will be back with its legacy of a total number of 22-23 episodes. Due to some reasons, the number of the episodes of the season was reduced to 16 but season 12 will have more than 16 episodes probably.

All the main casts of the Blue Bloods will return in season 12 to reprise their roles. Some actors will not be featured from here on.

As the series is filmed in New York City, the scene will open with a new problem and on a different location across New York Law Enforcement. Reagans will again be back with the investigation to find out the person behind the crime or misdeeds. The recent season also shows that how Reagens adjust to the new relatives and invite them to their family dinner.

Season 11 displays socio-political issues like police brutality, protests, and many more.

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The Cast Of The Series Blue Bloods:

The main characters of Blue Bloods include:

  • Detective Danny Reagan’s role performed by Donnie Wahlberg
  • ADA Erin Reagan’s role performed by Bridget Moynahan
  • Officer/Sergeant’s role performed by Will Estes
  • Commissioner Henry Reagan’s role performed by Len Cariou
  • Commissioner Frank Reagan’s role performed by Tom Selleck
  • Detective Jackie Curatola’s role performed by Jennifer Esposito
  • Nicky Reagan- Boyle’s role performed by Sami Gayle
  • Linda Reagan’s role performed by Amy Carlson
  • Detective Maria Baez’s role performed by Marisa Ramirez
  • Officer Edit “Eddie” Janko- Reagan’s role performed by Vanessa Ray

Blue Blood Season 12

IMDB Rating Of The Series Blue Bloods:

7.6 out of 10 is the overall IMDb rating of the series Blue Bloods.

Where We Can Watch The Series Blue Bloods:

There are many more websites where you can watch it. You can also download it and watch it offline from different platforms and apps.


Season 11 dealt with the political and social issues in which people protested against police brutality as well. There are two more upcoming episodes of season 11 of Blue Bloods.

After this, season 12 will also be arriving at any time with more interesting cases to be solved. Till then keep watching season 11 of “Blue Bloods”.

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