The Next Season of Bleach, if You Don’t Want to Read : Release Date

bleach new season release date

Bleach, an anime created by Tite Kubo based on his manga of the same name, broadcast from 2004 to 2012. Season 16 was the last time it aired. Since then, there has been no additional season or film in the works. After eight long years, the supporters’ wait is finally over. A third season of the show has been ordered.

Season 17 will begin here. In March 2020, Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 17 will mark the manga’s 20th anniversary. Season 17 of bleach is currently being worked on, but no exact timetable has been given. Speculation concerning the show’s release date has continued ever since. Although there is no official trailer, the creator did send an illustration to the audience.

 A dark aura surrounds Ichigo in the mainframe, while others are shown in various vivid portions behind him.
If you’ve come to this page to learn more about the upcoming episodes of the show, their air dates, and the new cast, then please continue reading.

Date of Bleach Season 17

The comeback of the show was confirmed for March 2020, the manga’s 20th anniversary. However, it’s said that season 17 is now in construction. In the end, it was decided that the performance would begin before the Hikarie Hall exhibition in December 2021. Finally, a release date has been set for October 2021 for the fans. There are a variety of places to watch the show online, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and more.

bleach new season release date

Since the series never had a fixed number of episodes, it was difficult to determine the exact number. For example, in season 11, there were 11 episodes, while there were 51 in season 14. There were a lot of expectations for this season because it was supposed to be the final one, covering the final arc of the manga The Thousand-year Blood War, which begins in Chapter 480 and continues for 218 chapters spanning 20 volumes of the manga. The season will have a total of 68 episodes, as was expected.
The rumour is that this is a “uncut” season. As a result, the ultimate showdown is sure to be bloody and terrible for the audience. Also, it’s possible that only adults will be allowed to access this.

After eight long years, the manga’s journey will come to a close in the upcoming season. It’s a universal desire among spectators.

Bleach’s 17th Season Cast Members

Yhwach is one of several new characters to be introduced this season, but he’s definitely worth highlighting.

He is Soul King’s son and Quincy’s father. The Wandenreich, or “invisible army,” is under his command. That’s why he wears a mask made of eyeballs on half of his face. He is an enemy of Shinigami and has attacked him.

bleach new season release date

The Seventeenth Season of Bleach

We’re all going to have a hard time making connections because the show aired over a decade ago. Because of this, here is a brief summary of the show’s plot and how we ended up there.

Ichigo Kurosaki, a 15-year-old from the sleepy town of Karakura, is the focus of the show. Ichigo steps in to help Rukia Kuchiki as she becomes incapacitated from her duties as Soul Reaper due to exhaustion from the long battle against the hollow.

Ichigo first declines the opportunity, but eventually decides to take it and discovers that several of his classmates also possess various spiritual powers. He gains strength and power after a thorough training regimen and a few successful battles with the evil hollows. In order to save Rukia from a life sentence, Ichigo takes on big enemies such as Aizen.

The final battle with Aizen sees him attempting to seal Aizen away for good using a hidden method, but he fails, and he is left with no power by episode 16’s end.

The Wandenreich will assault the Shinigami at the start of season 17. Approximately 1000 years ago, they were defeated by Shinigami and have been skulking in the shadows ever since, gathering strength and talents to mount another attack. Ichigo’s training will be put to the test in this last arc as he tries to save the world and the Soul King.


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