Black-ish: What Was In The Banned Episode?

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Black-ish fans can rejoice now because Hulu has a surprise for them. Recently, the streaming service dropped the controversial episode titled Please, Baby Please on their platform. Sources reveal that ABC Network cancelled it before releasing the episode due to backlash in 2018.

Black-ish Series Controversy

This year has witnessed a tremendous amount of change worldwide after the Black Lives Matter movement. It first started for people in the TV and film industry. Many celebrities came and voiced their opinions about the movement. Black-ish is a sitcom about the socio-political struggles of a family that lives in the white neighbourhood.

In 2018, ABC had banned an episode over controversial fears, but now the episode is available online. That episode of Black-Ish drama looked destined to never air on any service. Later on, Barris approached Walt Disney TV and tried to convince them to showcase the episode on their service.

Now, fans are wondering where they can watch the complete episode of Please, Baby, Please. On Monday, after the announcement of great news, multi-award-winner and creator Kenya Barris took to Twitter to express his happiness to the show’s global fans about the release of the episode on the platform.

The episode was mostly banned for the possible racial discrimination, but finally, Hulu has released the episode. Some fans are questioning why it was taken down before its release? If it does not have content related to racial discrimination, then why the streaming giant did not release it?

Below we have added all the necessary information which you have been looking for.

What Was the Once-Banned Episode of Black-Ish All About?

In the banned episode of Black-Ish, infant Devante was seen crying always, and the entire family was trying to stop him. Besides, Dre, who is his father, tells him a tale about a wicked King whose position is creating various issues for a particular kind of people in his kingdom.

Some websites revealed that the story had strong references to the socio-political scenario during that period in the United States.

Why Did the Black-Ish Episode Draw a Reference to Trump’s White Supremacy?

Sources explain that the episode drew a reference to the fear of white leadership after one year of Donald Trump Presidency in the United States. Moreover, Dre’s wife named Bow said to Devante that he has a whole life to be worried about such issues, and Dre tried to simplify the tale without mixing it up with reality.

ABC thought that this episode would create a lot of controversies, and got into a disagreement over creative differences with Barris. In the end, the network pulled down the episode. But recently, some fans said that Please, Baby Please was just a single episode and had no connection with racism. You can read the tweet of Kenya Barris below.


Black-ish fans are delighted to finally be able to watch the Please, Baby, Please episode. Now, you can stream the entire series along with formerly banned episodes on the streaming platform of Hulu. If you want to read more about your favourite series and films, then you can check out our website now!

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