Black Summer Season 2 Shooting Resumes with Latest Spoilers

Black Summer Season 2
Black Summer Season 2

Black Summer, a popular Netflix Original show will soon be returning back for the second season as the shooting of new episodes begins next month.

After getting released in the April month of 2019, Black Summer Season 2’s return was due in April 2020. However, just like other TV shows and movies, the Covid-19 pandemic ruined it all. Now, after the announcement of the second season in November 2019, here are all the latest updates you need to know about Netflix’s zombie epic original show. Let’s begin –

Black Summer Season 2 Storyline

Before I begin, here I’ll summarize what Black Summer show is all about. So, if you haven’t seen the Black Summer season 1 yet, do read this to find everything about it.

Black Summer is a zombie-thriller series that’s created by John Hyams and Karl Schaefer. The series is a prequel to a fan-favorite crazy zombie series and its storyline is similar to the universe of Z-Nation. Despite the darker tone, you’ll see a lot of nuanced and intimate moments in the series.

Furthermore, in Black summer season 1, in search of her daughter and family members, a mother joins a group of strangers. After watching the 1st season even I thought that the might have some spiritual connections with the Z-Nation. Do let me know if you too think so in the comments section given at the end of this post.

Black Summer Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status?

If you look in the past, Netflix usually renews a series or movies right after 1-2 months of its release. However, in the case of Black Summer. Netflix was completely silent. In fact, there wasn’t any mention regarding the renewal of the show on their social media accounts.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, Netflix announced season 2 in the month of November 2019.

Black Summer Season 2 Production Status?

The filming of Black Summer season 2 began in early 2020. However, soon on March 18th of 2020, the production was halted for the next 2 weeks following the coronavirus pandemic. once again, there were several reports that the shooting of season 2 would begin on August 17. However, recently a new report surfaced stating that filming is once again pushed to September 3rd of 2020.

Black Summer Season 2 Spoilers

Warning! Spoilers Ahead. 

If you’ve seen the first season than you might know that the show ended when Rose and her daughter were about to reunite.

In their journey, Spears, sun, and Rose were the only group members who were left for the stadium. As I said earlier, Rose’s story ended happily as she got a reunion with her daughter. Spears wanted to only survive & help Rose. Well, that he did by the end of season 1.

Now, talking about Black Summer season 2, you might see the Z-Nation angle in it especially you’ll get to know about the link-up with Z-Nation. If this happens it would be great for all the fans. I would love to see this in the upcoming Black Summer Season 2.

Final Words

That’s all for now. After getting postponed again & again, all I hope is the show to begin its shooting by September. I’m dying to binge-watch complete season 2. What about you? Do let me know your favorite moments from season 1 & what would you like to see in the Black Summer Season 2.

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