Better Call Saul Season 6: Critics Reviews,Release Date And More

The Better Call Saul Season 6, this American thrilling drama is coming again on the screens. I know you want to know about the updates and news related to season 6. We have the answers to all your query that you might be looking for.

So let’s get started with this dialogue of Better Call Saul-

“I Am Number One On Your Speed Dial, Right Next To Your Weed Dealer.”

Better Call Saul season 6

Better Call Saul is an American television thrilling drama created by  Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. The show is highly rated as said by many users. The show has got good and positive reviews from the critics.

It has a rating of 4.5/5 from the Times of India, 9 out of 10 from, and 97% from the rotten tomatoes.

Now you must be wondering that is plot is super thrilling that’s why the reviews are damn good. The story starts with a character named Jimmy, who works as a public defender who is not financially stable. Jimmy lived in the back of a nail salon, as the story continues Jimmy was hired as legal representation.

Better Caul Saul season 6

Better Call Saul has received critical acclaim, with particular praise for its acting, characters, writing, direction, and cinematography; many critics have called it a worthy successor to Breaking Bad and one of the best prequels ever made, with some deeming it superior to its predecessor says Wikipedia.

You can check the complete information about the Better Call saul from Wikipedia.

Now coming to our topic Better Call Saul Season 6, the fans are waiting for the release date, official cast, trailer, and more. We have covered all this in our article, continue reading to know more 🙂

What Is The Release Date of Better Call Saul season 6?

Better Call Season 2 filming is taking place from February 2020, the delay occurs because of the pandemic attack and now it’s November and still, we don’t have any release date.

If the situation remains in control then may the new season will release at the starting of 2021 or at its mid.

Better Call Saul Season 6

Better Call Saul Previous Seasons IMDb Ratings

Better Call has 8.7 ratings out of 10 which sounds fantastic right for this kind of American-crime drama series. The show is running on our screens since 2015 and you know what the fans are still crazy about this crime-drama.

The fan’s reaction will completely show how highly-anticipated the show is.

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This Is How Users Reacted to Better Call Saul

Extremely underrated

“This show deserves more recognition. Better Call Saul is the most clever show I have ever watched. The acting, cinematography, the story, the writing, it’s amazing. Sometimes even better than Breaking Bad.”
Slow… but still thoroughly enjoy it!
“Im on Season 3 now and I love how intentional this show is when it comes to building their characters. The writing is beautiful. The pacing is a bit slow though I would have preferred it if it was faster… that’s exactly what I said about the first couple of seasons of Breaking Bad!”

Writing is everything

“After Breaking bad I’m very excited to watch this show it’s really fulfilled every single expectation of me. One of the best parts of the show is Vince Gilligan’s writing. He delivered everything best.”
Have you watch the previous season, if yes then share your views with other readers in our comment section below.

Where To Watch Better Call Saul season 6?

I know you must be wondering now, about the platform where to watch season 6. The previous seasons were aired on Netflix but now season 6 has two platforms where it is going to be air.

Netflix and AMC are the two platforms where you can watch the new season of Better Saul. I know you must have heard about both the platforms in fact they both are a huge name.

Do you check these latest and upcoming web series on Netflix? If no, then what are you waiting for, we have the latest information along with the release and trailer.

Latest And Upcoming Most Thrilling Netflix Web series.

Better Call Saul

Star Cast of Better Call Saul season 6

One of my favorite parts to tell readers about the star casts. The old faces are going to be seen along with some of the new faces. Bob Odenkirk will confirm to be back in season 6 as Jimmy Mc Grill, Rhea Seehorn as Kim Wexler, Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut, Tony Dalton as Lalo Salamanca, and more.

What do you think about this, would you expect a specific star to be in the new season. We have mentioned some of the few characters here, if we get the information related to new cast and star cast updates, we will put the relevant information in our article soon.

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Better Call Saul Season 6

Is There Any Actual Trailer of Better Call Saul season 6?

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer for the Better Call Saul Season 6, but you can enjoy this fan-made video. The video has some of the recap scenes of the previous seasons along with that some predictions for the new season. You would love to watch this 🙂

Final Words

Well, the above article is completely inspired by the upcoming season 6 of Better Call Saul. You can watch the new season after the release on Netflix and AMC but you have to wait for 2021 because the expected release is in this year.

We have tried to make this article full of informatics for our readers but if we have missed something about season 6 then let us know in our comment section below. Also, share this article with your friends who are waiting for season 6 of this action drama.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-How many seasons Better Call Saul has?

A-It has 5 seasons and filming for season 6 is taking place and there are possibilities that season 6 will release in the year 2021 maybe in the starting or in the mid.

Q-Where you can watch the previous 5 seasons of Better Call Saul?

A-You can watch the previous 5 seasons of Better Call Saul on Netflix. Netflix has the complete episodes of the previous season and for season 6, it will also air on Netflix and AMC. You can wait for the release and enjoys the show there as well.

Q-Is Better Call Saul Season 6 worth watching?

A-The series has got good reviews from the rotten tomatoes and from the Indian time, according to them if you want to watch the Better Call then go ahead but start from the very first episode.

Q-Is Better Call Saul Season 6 Cancels?

A-No, the show is not canceled. The filming of the show started in February 2020 but got delayed due to the pandemic attack of the covid 19… The show will regain its shooting again when the situation will be in control and there are possibilities that the show will release in the mid or maybe at the end of 2021.

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