Episodes of Naruto Shippuden That Are the Best.

best naruto shippuden episode

Naruto is no longer just another shonen anime because it is and always has been so much more than that, and people no longer think of it as just that. From when he was a little boy who played with pranks to becoming one of Japan’s most famous ninja, the boy from the hidden leaf village has become one of the most famous ninjas in history. Now, Naruto isn’t just a great anime show.

It’s also a big deal in the history of pop culture because even people who don’t like anime know who Naruto is even if they haven’t seen the show. However, it’s not easy to stand the test of time and be called one of the best fictional series ever made. As a child, Naruto might have been orphaned, and later he was shunned by everyone in the village where he lived. Later, he became the hero who was not only accepted by his village people but was also praised by the entire world he lived in. In fact, there are many more layers to the storey of Naruto than just that one thing.

A lot of people think the show Naruto is named after the main character, but what makes it famous are the supporting characters, their connection to Naruto, how they think about the world, and how it changed their minds, which it did.

There aren’t many people talking about the philosophy of the show, but it still affects people who watch it because each character in the show has their own storey to tell and each has their own philosophy and psychological outlook on the world. This adds a different kind of edge to what the show creates.

We don’t just see Naruto’s journey to becoming Hokage, but we also see a lot of the world that he lives in, including the past and how it has changed the world today. It also shows us the passionately written deep characters who can be very important not only to the characters in the show but also to the people who are watching. Not to forget, this show makes its viewers feel for and respect most of the bad characters as well. It talks about their past, the circumstances, the philosophy, beliefs, and motivation behind them, as well.

This allows both the characters and the viewers to feel for the bad characters and understand the path they have chosen. No matter how many fillers there are in the show or how much people don’t like it, the show is still one of the best-written shows out there, both in anime and non-anime. The series has everything you need to enjoy it. It has a good world set-up, with ambient background music and banger opening and ending songs, important characters, and a lot of interesting connections.

The main Naruto series, including Naruto: Shippuden, has 720 episodes in total, not including the OVAs. It’s hard to pick the best one. The following list is not based on how well a product is rated on other review websites. It’s all based on my own opinion, so don’t sue me if you disagree with this list. However, it should be kept in mind that this list isn’t just based on how much fun it is to watch. It’s also based on how important and important the events in the episodes are, and some of them are heartbreaking, others are wholesome, and some are just badass and full of action. All in all, it comes down to how important I think these events are to the whole series.

 naruto shippuden

6) Episode 48 of Naruto

As we start this list, we’ll start with an episode that is more action-packed. We’ll see for the first time how powerful Rock Lee is when he takes on Gaara from the Sand Village for a tournament. It wasn’t until this point that anyone even knew what Rock Lee could do. People thought he was bad because he couldn’t use any kind of Jutsu but only Taijutsu. While he did a great job of giving Gaara a hard time in the first half of the fight, he didn’t do very well in the second half.

5) the Fifth Episode of Naruto: Shippuden Is Episode 500.

The last episode of the series ends Naruto’s storey as a young ninja before he gives his Will of Fire to the next generation. The last episode of the Naruto series is a very sweet one that takes place a few years after the Great Ninja War. The whole village of Konoha is excited and busy with the preparations for Naruto and Hinata’s wedding.

In the beginning of the episode, Konohamoru is busy recording everyone in the leaf village congratulating the video for Hinata and Naruto’s wedding. The episode is called “The Message.” As a result, our hearts broke when Naruto asked Irruka Sensei to be his father at his wedding. This showed how much Naruto loves and respects him as the teacher who was always there for him and as the father he never had.

4) the Fourth Episode of Naruto: Shippuden Is Episode 133:

In this episode, one of the biggest tragedies in both the Naruto series and the history of anime happens. It’s one of the biggest anime tragedies ever. The episode is called “The Story of Jiraya the Gallant.” In this episode, one of the legendary Sanin, Jiraya Sensei, dies while facing Pain alone. The episode is called “The Story of Jiraya the Gallant.” Love and care were always in the air between Jiraya and Naruto.

Thank you so much for what you did, Jiraya. Naruto became the hero he is today because of you. Impact: This tragedy was so bad that not only Naruto but the whole Naruto fandom was numb. No one was ready to accept it. During this episode, we saw how a beautiful relationship between a teacher and his student came to an end. Our hearts broke into a million pieces.

Episode 138 of Naruto Shippuden

3.) Episode 138 of Naruto Shippuden

He was called “The Kind Child” because he gave up his own family for the sake of his village. Itachi Uchiha was killed in this episode by his own brother Sasuke. When Sasuke went out, he wanted to get back at his brother for what he had done. He killed his own brother to get back at him. On Itachi’s deathbed, Sasuke learns the truth about why Itachi did what he did. As Itachi took his last breath, he said goodbye to his brother. A lot of people can’t be selfless and give up something like Itachi did. This made Sasuke use his Mangekyo Sharingan.

2.) Naruto: Shippuden- Episode 168 and Episode 249 Are in This Order:

During these two episodes, Naruto finally got to meet his parents for the first time. Naruto was left alone when he was born. His father is Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, and his mother is Kushina Uzumaki, the wife of the Fourth Hokage. To keep the leaf village safe from the nine tails, both of them gave up their lives.

During these episodes, a child meets his parents for the first time. It was a reunion of a child who always wanted and needed his parents to love and care for him even when he was a little boy. As Naruto spends a few minutes with his parents after so many years, we see and feel happy. We also learn a lot about his parents and their past. In the middle of his fight with Kurama and his evil chakra, Naruto was able to meet them and talk to them.

1) Shippuden Episode 476 of Naruto: Shippuden

This is a list of the episodes where Naruto’s long journey came to an end. This is the last one on the list. For the first time in a long time, we see the fight between Naruto and Sasuke in this episode. After the Ninja War came to an end, Naruto and Sasuke decided to fight each other in order to settle their differences for good, so they did. In this scene, we see them fight each other with all their strength and not hold back.

However, this fight wasn’t just about fighting each other off. It had a lot more to it than that, too. Rather, it was a fight between their minds. Naruto wanted to make Sasuke, one of his closest friends who has lost his way of life, return to the path of light and good. Sasuke wanted to defeat Naruto for good so that he could be free from the shackles of human bondage and be able to do what he wants because he only thinks of Naruto as his true friend.


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