5 Best Music Bots for Discord [2020]

Music Bots
Music Bots

Being a techie, reading this post, I assume you already know what bots are & what they can do.

From providing a convenient chat facility on online shops to helping users by following a set of pre-defined commands.

Ask bots to play your favorite music, or search for the latest news at midnight.

They’ll do everything for you.

All these bots need is an API connection & they’ll even suggest content depending on your mood.

Now, when it comes to this post, here, I’ll tell you about 5 most popular music bots.

Once you know about them, I’ll tell you how to set them up on Discord & Telegram.

Now, jump straight to finding the best music bots & connecting them with your discord server –

The Best Discord Bots

First, I’ll tell you the 5 best music bots you’ll ever find.

1. Groovy

Next up is Groovy. When it comes to stability in all the bots mentioned in this list, Groovy tops the list.

In fact, it works flawlessly on large Discord Servers.

Furthermore, the Groovy bot allows you to check lyrics, play your favorite music, songs shuffling & set access rights.

It also has a premium version of the same bot. With it, you additionally get audio effects, volume controls & 24/7 streaming.

All this at the pricing of $3.99 per month per server.

2. FredBoat

Packed with some amazing features FredBoat allows you to connect and stream from a dozen streaming sites.

That’s not it. It even supports stream from direct links.

When it comes to the official platforms, FredBoat works great with YouTube & SoundCloud playlists. Here the best thing is, you can use these platforms to perform unlimited searches & that too absolutely free.

On top of this, you get advanced controls, in-build moderation & role-based access rights.

3. Vexera

Famous as a feature-rich music bot, Vexera allows us to use it with multiple platforms.

At present, it’s available in 15 languages with supports for several sources, bot commands & moderation options.

If you want to get your hands on its premium version that you need to spend $3 per month. By doing so, you can easily add high-quality voice servers along with Spotify integration.

Furthermore, the pro version of Vexera costs $5 per month. With this plan, you get a second bot instance known as Vexera Pro.

4. Rythm

As compared to other music bots in this list, Rhythm has almost similar features.

You get all the basic features like streaming songs, setting up a music queue, define user roles & access to unlimited playlists.

Additionally, it allows you to finds lyrics of the songs that are playing right now.

I know it almost similar features. However, what makes it different from the rest is that it’s totally free.

With the help of an amazing web-dashboard, Rhythm provides great management supports for its users. At the of writing this post, it has been installed in over 5 Million discord servers.

5. 24/7

As the name suggests, 24/7 bot plays unlimited music day & night.

Launch your favorite songs, play live radio, or connect to your favorite YouTube videos.

It’ll help you with everything. Btw, you can do all this thing with the free version of 24/7 bot.

Once you purchase the premium version at $2.47 a month, you get some additional features including volume control, playlists, YouTube Controls, and overall improved quality.

Connecting Bots to Your Discord Server

So, here’s an easy way to add a music bot to a discord server:

1. Go to the + icon and use it to create a server.

2. Give a name to the server along with its region.

3. Now, go to the bots page you want to install on your server.

4. There you’ll see add or invite button. Click on it to proceed.

5. Use your account credentials to log into the discord account.

6. If you’ve got the multiple discord servers, choose the one in which you want to install that particular bot.

7. Complete the verification to install the bots in the discord server.

That’s it, you’re done. The bot is active. Now, use pre-defined commands to change your preferences, play your favorite music, read its lyrics, and so on. You can use this easy method to install all the 5 music bots I’ve mentioned in this post.

Final Words

Discord is arguably one of the most famous apps among gamers right now. Put simply, it’s a VoIP software that supports both texts and calls. Another great option of Discord is its servers. You can create these groups, invite other users, launch many texts, and voice chats inside them. And, yes, servers support API tools like bots.

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