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If you are a manga lover, then Berserk doesn’t need an introduction. It ranks #1 among all the manga and anime.

Based on the life of a former mercenary and his past filled with deaths, the manga made millions of fans, and people take out time to read and watch it.

Berserk is a manga series that originated in Japan with dark fantasy, epic fantasy, and sword- sorcery as its genre.

Kentaro Miura is the writer and illustrator of the manga.

Berserk was released in August 1989 and is still running.

In May 2021, Miura died of aortic dissection, due to which manga’s fate was left unclear.

The manga consists of 40 volumes.

An anime TV series adapted from the manga was released from October 1997 to March 1998 by Oriental Light and Magic.

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The Plot of Berserk New 364:


Guts, the protagonist of the story, is a lone warrior born from a hanged corpse. Gambino was his adoptive father who tried to kill Guts and died as a result of his self-defence Guts. He raised Guts as a mercenary. Guts gained a fearsome reputation due to which he caught the attention of Griffith, who was the leader of the Band of the Hawk. Band of Hawk was a mercenary group. Griffith challenges Guts to defeat him in a battle and then join the band. Guts rise in the list of the warriors and ultimately becomes the best warrior of Griffith.

By this time, Guts learns about the dreams of Griffith, which was to rule the kingdom of his own. He also discovers the secret pendant of Griffith, named the Behelit. Guts slowly develop a romantic relationship with Casca, who was the commander of Griffith’s unit. She was the only female member of the Hawk. ‘Guts’ leaves the Hawk by defeating Griffith in combat as he heard him saying that he can only find someone as a true friend who has a dream of his own.

Griffith ruins his fortune soon. He gets imprisoned and tortured by the king after being found seducing his daughter. Hawks have also marked death.

‘Guts’ trains himself to become a better swordsman and receives warnings from a mysterious demonic being whom he calls “The Skull Knight”. He rejoins the Hawks for some time to help them rescue Griffith.

“Black Swordsman” is another name for our protagonist now. He is now out for revenge against those who destroyed his and his loved ones’ lives.

Chapter 363, titled “Leaping Monkey”, starts with the visit of Skull Knight on the grave of the love of his life. He loved a woman known as “Lady Priestess of the Cherry Blossoms” when he was alive. On the other hand, Isidro, Puck, and the other elves fight with Morda and the other mages. They keep on fighting until interrupted by Isma, a Kelpie.

Meanwhile, a mysterious Moonlight Boy visits Guts. At that time, Guts was invited to reflect the lights on his relationships with Skull Knight. He could feel the hellfire inside him against the Skull Knight, who was responsible for the destruction of his life.

The presence of the Moonlight Boy will change the course of the story once again. He rarely appears in the story but has great importance. At the end of chapter 363, Guts is confused between his life and his quest. Moonlight Boy, who has a mysterious character, might help him solving this issue. Moonlight Boy has not spoken yet in the episodes, so it might be possible that this time the course of the story will change.

There is no summary available of the latest chapter, but we will update you about it soon.

For the past few years, it has been in speculation about the end of the series. Berserk has now entered its endgame and soon will come to an end. However, some of the fans have decided on the other side of the story. Fans generally deny talking on this matter as it appears to be very sensitive.

However, there is a long gap between the release of the series, so it is not going to end soon.

Release Date of the Berserk New Chapter 364:

Berserk New Chapter 364 doesn’t have an official release date till now, but we can calculate and have an idea about it following the previous releases. It is expectable as many other manga, anime, movies, and series lined up and got delayed due to the pandemic faced by the people. Release Dates of major projects got hung up due to the pandemic, and the audience needed to wait for a quiet long for their favourite series.

The latest four chapters were published in April 2020, July 2020, October 2020, and January 2021. So, it’s clear from the data that 2-3 months of gap usually occurs before the release of every chapter nowadays.

There is no information available regarding the release of the new chapter. We can wait for the announcement.

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The Cast of the Manga Berserk:


  • Guts
  • Griffith
  • Casca
  • Schierke
  • Knight of the skull
  • Nosferatu Zodd
  • Farnese
  • Judeau
  • Grunbeld
  • Cookies
  • Wyald
  • Beast of Darkness
  • Midland King
  • Rickert
  • Serpico
  • Glennon

Rating Of “Berserk”:

8.7 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the anime Berserk.

9.38 is the score of the manga on My Anime List.

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Where Can We Read Chapter 363 of Berserk?

You can also read it from other websites.


Chapter 363 was released in January 2021 and dropped the entry of mysterious Moonlight Boy, due to which the fans became very excited about the new release.

However, there is no announcement regarding the new release, we need to wait for it now.

Are you excited about the new release?

If you have any queries then, comment in a comment section below. We are glad to answer you.

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