Beats Solo 3 Is The Best Truly Wairless Headphone Out There – Here Why

The Beats Solo3 Wireless has held up well over time, although it is starting to show signs of wear.

Due to W1 chip integration and AAC support, the Beats Solo3 Wireless is an outdated set of headphones that still works well with iPhones. The Beats Solo3 Wireless keep up well today, with just a few features showing their age; otherwise, Siri fans should check at the Beats Solo Pro noise-canceling on-ear headphones; otherwise, the Beats Solo3 Wireless stand up well today, with only a few features showing their age.

Beats, an Apple company, has long been the arbiter of what’s hot in the world of consumer audio. Although the Beats Solo3 Wireless is a few years old, its design could easily fit into the company’s current collection. If you don’t require the most up-to-date capabilities, the Solo3’s W1 chip integration, fast charging, and incredibly long battery life will suffice.

beats solo 3

The Beats Solo3 Wireless is a wireless speaker from Beats by Dre.

The Beats Solo3 Wireless on-ear headsets are similar to the older Solo2 and Solo Pro models. The original review unit had a glossy black finish that attracted fingerprints. Our present matte-grey variant, on the other hand, effectively avoids oil smudges but is readily scuffed. The hard plastic appears to be sturdy enough, but the hinges and headband’s suppleness are concerning. The foam ear cushions are encased in a pleather material, making these a good choice for vegans.

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The Solo3 Wireless comes with a soft zipped carrying case, a carabiner, a 3.5mm aux cable, and a micro USB charging connection, among other things. Yes, these headphones were manufactured before Apple’s massive proprietary Lightning cable push and joyful disregard for anything USB-C. The zipped case is a good addition for someone with limited bag space because it can be hung on the outside, but if you want to preserve the Solo3 Wireless, acquire a hardshell case.

In contrast to the Beats Solo Pro, the Beats Solo3 Wireless has a 3.5mm headphone jack. You may enjoy high-quality wired audio with ease if you have a compatible smartphone. On Android devices, onboard controls from the left ear cup are ineffective when listening in wired mode. When going wireless, triple-tapping the center multifunction button (the “b” logo) will bring up Siri or Google Assistant.

Connecting an iOS or Android device to the Beats Solo3 Wireless

The W1 chip is set up to communicate with a neighboring IOS device right away. When you first turn on the Solo3 Wireless, a pop-up card will ask you to pair it with your IPhone. Once you’ve created a connection between the two devices, the Beats Solo3 Wireless will be recognized by all of your other iCloud source devices.

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If you’re using a device that isn’t an IOS device, you’ll have to go through your phone’s Bluetooth menu.

Bluetooth codec support and connection strength

The W1 chip series was also given a significant boost. You won’t have any problems if the phone is in your pocket or backpack. We effortlessly made it to roughly 30 meters without skipping a beat. When utilizing them connected, you’ll only be able to use them to their full potential on IOS devices. Using the built-in mic and remote on Android, you won’t be able to alter the volume or go back to previous tracks.

For high-quality streaming on iPhones, the headset supports AAC. If you have an Android device, you should use SBC streaming instead of AAC because AAC’s performance is variable on non-iOS devices. On the other hand, you could always use the provided headphone cord.

 beats solo 3

The Beats Solo3 Wireless has excellent battery life.

Before the headset was emptied, we were able to get 45 hours and 8 minutes of playback time. As if that weren’t enough, the Beats Solo3 Wireless features Fast Fuel technology, which allows you to get three hours of playtime from just five minutes of charging. This is perfect for on-the-go listeners and will get you through a round-trip commute to and from work.

What is the sound quality of the Beats Solo3 Wireless?

The Beats Solo3 Wireless offers a less pronounced bass response than expected. Yes, low notes are boosted over mids and treble, but not to the point where sonic clarity suffers. The dynamic drivers struggle to differentiate instrumental details, notably during a cacophonous melodic section, despite the comparatively soft bass accent (e.g. the bridge in any Dave Matthews Band song). This is the sound signature for you if you appreciate hip-hop and pop music. It won’t win any accolades from us, but it will appeal to a wide range of people.

Isolation is adequate because these are on-ear headphones. High-frequency noises are muted, while low-frequency noises, such as a jet engine, can readily penetrate the Solo3 Wireless. If you want more effective isolation but prefer the design of on-ear headphones, you could look at over-ear headphones or save up for the Beats Solo Pro. The Solo Pro has a very high clamping force, which I found to be too unpleasant, yet it isolates well when combined with noise cancellation technology.

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Lows, midpoints, and peaks

Due to the concentration on bass, midrange detail suffers; Generator Second Floor by Freelance Whales exemplifies this problem when the steady drum kicks begin about 40 seconds into the song. When the bass kicks in, everything gets shoved out of the way, and the banjo almost vanishes. Until the bass kicks fade out, the voices don’t have much detail.

beats solo 3

When you consider how loud these can get, it’s a no-brainer. Beats did an excellent job of lowering the highs. Songs with piercing sounds aren’t particularly uncomfortable, but the highs are severely deficient in detail. The finger pick scratches in Iron & Wine’s Naked As We Came, which usually give the song a good live vibe, are scarcely apparent here.

One thing to keep in mind is that sound leakage is a definite possibility with them. If you turn up the volume above 60%, the individuals next to you will almost certainly be able to sing along.

Is the Beats Solo3 Wireless worth it?

Initially, the Solo3 Wireless was an interesting headset with new features such as the W1 chip, which made it easy to connect to an iOS iPhone. This characteristic is no longer unusual; in fact, it is expected, and there are other, more comfortable on-ear headphones available. The Beats Solo3 Wireless, on the other hand, are still a good alternative, but they’re not worth the money.

However, if you choose them, you’ll still receive crucial features like long battery life, Class 1 Bluetooth, AAC compatibility, and quick charging, all in a stylish, portable package.

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