Beastars Season 2: Release Date & Latest Updates

Beastars Season 2

Beastars is among one of best manga adapted anime series which tales the story of a world in which modern, civilized, and culturally devices animals live in. Beastars has been written by the great author Paru Itagaki, and it’s been adapted into an anime series by Orange studio production along with Netflix. This anime series made its debut on October 8, 2019, and now fans are desperately waiting for Beastars season 2.

We have managed to grab the latest information on Beastars season 2 release date, the plotline which we have shared in this article. 

Beastars Season 2: Storyline 

Beastars Season 2

Before we tell anything about the second season’s plotline, let us rewind what happened in the first season of Beastars. As the main plotline of this anime is focused on the leading character of Legoshi. He is a lovable wolf who lives in a dorm along with his other animal friends.

Legoshi who was seen to be developing some feelings for the charming Haru, who is a small dwarf rabbit. According to the source, the second season of Beastars will be focusing more on Legoshi, and his love interest for Haru.

Legoshi, who is a silent, lovable wolf who lives in a dorm, has decided to change himself to get along with Haru. Legoshi is going to convince Haru that he is ready to face every obstacle in the journey to get his love.

Overall, we are going to see a complete significant change happening to the leading character of this anime series which every fan was waiting for at the end of the first season.

Beastars first season ended with lots of promises about what is going to happen next. Now to convince its fans, the anime studio officially announced that they are making season 2 of Beastars. 

Beastars Season 2: Release Date

The first season of Beastars had 12 episodes which were focused on developing the main character’s plotline. However, it’s been announced at the end of 2019 that Orange studio is bringing Beastars season 2. Netflix has announced that they have permitted the second season.

So there is a certainty we will see it. However, fans want to know the exact date of season 2, and as of now, we don’t have it yet.

Orange TV just confirmed the production of the season but did not give any clue about its release date. But, according to experts, the second season will premiere in late 2020. Since the coronavirus pandemic situation has arisen. There will be some delay in the production of this anime series. 

The second season of Beastars is going to be first premiered in Japan. So after that, we will be able to finally know the exact date of its release for a US-based audience.

Still, we can expect Beastars to be aired in the US in early of 2021. Meanwhile, please wait for the official announcement from Netflix about it.

Latest Update on Season 2

The second season of Beastars is going to be based upon the next fifty chapters of the Manga series. In the Manga series, Beastars has a total of 170 chapters. The second season will be based upon the 48-90 chapters. It can cover more considering there will be more number of episodes in the upcoming season.

The first season covered pretty much in just 12 episodes. So fans are expecting to see how the second season will be based upon the Manga series.


Final Words

So as of now, we have covered the possible plotline of season 2. There is a huge possibility that the second season will be quite different from the Manga series. Because usually, the creators of the show like to make anime series different to increase its hype.

As a massive fan of Beastars, let us know what you think of the leading character Legoshi, and the upcoming season. You can tell us your opinion by leaving a comment below. 


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