Batwheels’ Batman, Robin & Batgirl Revealed In First Look Images

Batwheels reveals a first look at Batman, Robin and Batgirl in a new image from the animated series, which stars Ethan Hawke as the Dark Knight.


Batwheels reveals a first look at Batman, Robin and Batgirl in newly released images. Aimed at a younger audience, the new animated series is coming to HBO Max’s preschool programming channel, as well as Cartoon Network. The superhero show centers on anthropomorphized “Bat-vehicles” fighting alongside the Caped Crusader, which consists of Bam (The Batmobile), Red (The Redbird), Bibi (The Batgirl Cycle), Buff (The Bat Truck), and Jett (The Batwing).  This group of sentient machines, who are created by the Bat-computer, have the minds of children and must learn to grow up as heroes to save the streets of Gotham.

Actor Ethan Hawke is poised to voice the role of Batman in the upcoming series, joining the list of iconic voices for the Dark Knight. Along with Hawke, the series also stars AJ Hudson as Robin, Leah Lewis as Batgirl, and Jacob Bertrand as Bam. While Hawke is an interesting choice to play Batman, he will serve more of a supporting role to Bam and the group of Batwheels, who make up a bulk of the show’s focus. Essentially, Batwheels sees Batman as more of a father figure to the personified vehicles, with the team seeking approval from the hero before going to the streets to fight crime. With other characters from the DC Comics universe rumored to make an appearance, the series has now offered a glimpse into its character designs.

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Decider reports that WarnerMedia officially revealed a first look at Batman, Robin and Batgirl in new images for Batwheels. Sporting his black suit and classic yellow utility belt, Batman is pictured in a purple cape that seems to match Batgirl’s outfit. Robin is shown alongside the two, wearing his red and green suit with a black and yellow cape. View the entire image below:

Batwheels Batman Robin and Batgirl First Look Image

Tying into the concept of the Batwheels vehicles having the minds of children, both Robin and Batgirl also appear much younger in the image, with the former depicted as a tween and the latter in her teenage years. Since Batman is serving as a father figure to the Batwheels, it seems like Robin and Batgirl may serve as some sort of siblings to the vehicles. This wouldn’t be the first time a younger version of Robin appeared on screen, with Warner Bros. finding much success in their Teen Titans series that centered on teenage versions of superheroes. The series was successful enough to spawn a spin-off series and feature film.

Combining superheroes and matchbox-style cars is almost a guaranteed win, which will most likely result in merchandising triumph. Given the cartoony image of Batman, Robin and Batgirl in the image above, it seems the show is gearing up to be both fun and goofy, which is sure to be a hit for younger audiences. Batwheels currently has no announced release date, so audiences will just have to wait for the “car-shaped” Bat signal for the show’s premiere.

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Source: Decider

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