Bangladesh : Serial Killer Sentenced to Death

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DHAKA: Bangladesh Court has sentenced a serial killer to death for raping and murdering a woman.

Rosu Khan was sentenced to death by a court in 2015 for murdering a woman

Prosecutors said that Rosu Khan along with two other accomplices lured a 35-year old woman to a deserted area and raped, tortured and murdered her.

“It was a gruesome killing,” said prosecutor Habibul Islam Talukder of Chandpur, the southern district in which a particular tribunal heard the case.

Khan, 46, could appeal against Wednesday’s verdict at a higher court. The 2015 verdict is presently under appeal.

Talukder said Khan also faces charges of murdering seven different woman whose bodies are discovered, and had informed a magistrate throughout the investigative process he had been behind the departure of 11 woman.

The majority of his victims worked in garment factories and have been enticed to distant rural regions prior to being murdered, ” the prosecutor said.

Police investigators formerly said Khan would build trust with victims by pretending to become interested in them.

“He told us he wished to kill 101 girls as revenge from a girl who refused his advances some 15 years back,” Ranjit Kumar Palit, a Chandpur police inspector, told AFP after Khan’s arrest in 2009.

Police consider Khan might have begun his murder spree in 2007.


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