Babylon Berlin Season 4 Release Date Updated

Babylon Berlin Season 4

Babylon Berlin is a Neo-noir German thriller series which is quite underrated compared to all other TV shows that get so much attention from people. Three seasons of this epic German thriller series have already been aired, and people want to know when the Babylon Berlin season 4 is going to release.

Season of this epic thriller series ended with some twists, and fans are now getting hyped about the upcoming season’s plot and release date.

The story revolves around a police commissioner who is transferred to Berlin from Cologne, and it’s focused on all political and social changes happening during the 1920s period.

The story gets interesting later when the police commissioner finds out the biggest pornographic ring in the country.

It’s also focused on various conspiracy theories of that time, including one in which soviet rebels hijacked a train. 

Babylon Berlin Season 4 Release Date

Babylon Berlin Season 4

The show received a massive positive response for the earlier season since the audience loved the intriguing story about this epic thriller show. Netflix earlier announced that they would bring Babylon berlin season 4, and the production date had also been announced.

According to reports, the production for the fourth season of Babylon Berlin should have started by the end of June. However, as the situation of the coronavirus pandemic has begun, things have changed drastically. 

Producers have decided to postpone the shooting of next season for the safety of its crew members. The pandemic situation isn’t over yet, and it is going to be deadly for the production.

Netflix said they are expecting some delay, but quite sure that the show will come back with its fourth season by the end of 2020 or March 2021.

All fans who were eagerly waiting for the upcoming season might have to wait a little bit longer. But the next season is expected to have some good storyline.

We have also shared the possible storyline of Babylon Berlin season 4, which you might want to look at. 

Babylon Berlin: The Storyline

There is a high chance that season four of this epic show will have 12 episodes that will keep you intrigued from the beginning to the end. Last season also had the same number of episodes, which were quite stunning compared to previous seasons.

The story of the upcoming season is going to be based upon Volker Kutcher’s third novel Goldstein. The third novel in the Gareon rath novel series is going to be set in Berlin 1931, and the story revolves around the American gangster Abraham Goldstein. 

Producers have already said in previous interviews that they plan to take the majority of the storylines for the upcoming season from Volker Kutcher’s third novel.  However, as we all know, the story will have significant changes compared to the original novel.

In season four, the police inspector might be drawing himself too much in Berlin’s street war.

Babylon Berlin Season 4: Cast

There is not going to be any significant changes happening for the fourth season’s casting. The original cast, Lars Eidinger, Liv Lisa, Peter Kurth, Volker Bruch, Thomas Thieme, Benno Furmann, Jones Harzer, and Jordis Triebel, will be returned.

This show’s cast has been phenomenal so far because they haven’t disappointed us in the last three seasons. They are expected to deliver the same quality acting season four also.

There is no official news made about any new member joining this show for season four. The show’s announcers haven’t done that right now, but fans should also get ready to see some new faces.

Since the thriller drama of this show is increasing every season, we might get to see some new actors in the fourth season well.

Final Words

Even if the release date of Babylon season  4 hasn’t been officially announced, fans want the next quite severely. The show is right now receiving the much deserving hype among the cinema lovers.

The producers have decided to renew this epic thriller drama series after receiving a positive response for the previous season. We will keep updating this post when we receive the official news on the release date of the upcoming season.

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