B The Beginning Season 2: A Turning Point In This Manga Anime!

B The Beginning Season 2

Unlike the other animes B, The Beginning is an original anime that is not based on the Light Novel Series. The fans are in love with this Adaptation and the one thing the fans want is  B The Beginning Season 2. In this, we have covered everything about the new part.

Let’s begin our article with this lovely Beginning Quote-

“More Importantly, Things Are Gonna Get Hetric at Work Now, the real issue.”

Release Date of B The Beginning Season 2

The fans are looking for season 2 so badly maybe that’s why Production IG has decided to give them relief. Season second was set to be scheduled to be released in 2021. The dates are not revealed yet but the good news is that the news that was aired about the show is all fake, Don’t know what I am talking about?

Well at first it was aired that the show is canceled and will never happen again in the future but they are all just fake rumors airs by the spoilers.

And I know after reading the above many of you are now seeking the characters of the sequel, if so then the below section is just for you.

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Characters And Voice Artists of B The Beginning Season 2

We are going to see the same old characters this time too with some additional voice artists.

  • Keith Kazama Flick by Hiroaki Hirata( Japanese) Ray Chase( English)
  • Koku by Yuki Kaji( Japanese) KyleMcCarley( English)
  • Lily Hoshina by Asami Seto( Japanese) Faye Mata( English)
  • Eric Toga by Hiroki Tochi( Japanese) Jalen K. Cassell( English)
  • Boris Meier by Minoru Inaba( Japanese) Doug Stone( English)
  • Brain Brandon by Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Japanese) Khoi Dao( Japanese)

Moreover, we could also hopes for some new characters in this anime just to make the anime more fun and better.

What Do We Know About The Trailer B The Beginning Season 2?

We don’t have more information about the trailer because the dates are not fixed once the dates get fixed after that we could hope for the trailer. Frankly speaking, there won’t be an official teaser before 2021 and I know you have seen so many teasers for this but they are just fan-made.

We have a fan-made too that we have mentioned just for our lovely readers.

Final Words

In this, we have covered some major points and facts about the upcoming season. The show is set to be released soon but the dates are not given at this time. This anime is one of the top listed animated series. We could hope for this anime soon in 2021 or in 2022 not before that, till then stay tuned with us for the latest trends and updates.

Hoping from our side that this post will be helpful for you, if so then share your valuable feedback with us. You can also ask us anything in our comment section about this show 🙂

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More Questions

Who will in the B The Beginning Season 2?

As we all know anime never changes its characters in the sequel we could hope to see Keith Kazama Flick by Hiroaki Hirata, Koku by Yuki Kaji, Lily Hoshina by Asami Seto, Eric Toga by Hiroki Tochi, and Loris Meier by Minoru Inaba.

Where we can watch B The Beginning Season 2?

The B The Beginning is available to stream online on Netflix. You can watch the complete previous season there but for you have to wait a little more once the series airs then we could hope to watch this on Netflix too.



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