B.I receives probation for 4 years, fans celebrate Kim Hanbin’s ‘freedom’

Former iKON member B.I received four years of probation in the final hearing of his court case along with a hefty amount of fine money and mandatory community service hours. Want to know more about the verdict? Read on!

Kim Hanbin, aka B.I, faced charges for purchasing marijuana in 2016. The charges against the K-pop star included suspicions of purchasing marijuana and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) along with a few other drugs.

Later, Hanbin admitted to the charges by issuing an apology letter that read: “I admit to all of these charges and am self-reflecting.”

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Kim Hanbin’s sentence: B.I on probation

Initially, the prosecution in Kim Hanbin’s case requested a prison sentence of three years along with a fine of 1.5 million won (approximately $1,300). However, much to fans’ relief, B.I was handed four years of probation and no prison time.

But, the sentence did include a 1.5 million KRW fine ($1,300 USD), 80 hours of community service and 40 hours of drug education courses. 

The court also included that if Hanbin was to be found on any drug-related issue during the probation period, he could face a prison sentence for up to three years.

The judgment stated: “The defendant has admitted to all charges and has demonstrated reflection for his wrongdoing, and is a first-time defendant.

“The defendant’s parents have also spoken before the court about their strong will to educate their son properly, and furthermore, the fact that the defendant has managed to maintain good interpersonal relationships with his family, acquaintances, and as a member of society works in his favor.”

Kim Hanbin fans are celebrating a long chapter finally being over, B.I’s ‘freedom’ (131 Label official YouTube0

Kim Hanbin fans ready to celebrate B.I’s ‘freedom,’ welcome new chapter

Kim Hanbin fans are finally relieved as after 821 days, B.I is finally starting anew. A fan said, “It’s finally over. Hanbin, let’s start a new chapter. Us IDs are behind you all the way!”

A second fan added, “Celebrating iKON’s anniversary, Bobby’s newborn, and finally Hanbin’s freedom— September is such a good month after all.”

A third fan gushed, “Biggest flex: I’m simping over a man named Kim Hanbin who just got his freedom after years!”


“Now that it’s all finally over… LET US F*CKING TALK ABOUT HANBIN’S TRIAL LOOK,” a fan quipped.

Kim Hanbin will be back in October to celebrate his new chapter with fans through an online concert. The ‘Waterfall’ special concert will take place on October 3 at 12 PM KST/ October 2, 11 PM ET. Learn where you can watch the concert right here.

Stream Hanbin’s latest title track ‘Illa Illa’ below.

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