Arrow Season 5, 6, 7 and 8 Recap

Everything there is to know about Arrow season 5, 6, 7, and 8 from the release date, cast to storyline (explanation), and review.

Arrow is based on Green Arrow, a costumed crime-fighting superhero (DC Comics) created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp and continued by the Arrowverse.

Arrow season 5 release date

Season five of Arrow (an American action television series) was premiered on October 5, 2016, and ended on May 24, 2017, with a sum of 23 episodes. This was premiered on The CW at 8:00 pm. And now it is premiered on Netflix.

Arrow Season 5

It starts with felicity recommending to recruit new persons in the team arrow and later Oliver recruits Rene Ramirez / wild dog, Curtis Holt / Mr.terrific, Evelyn sharp / Artemis, and Rory Reagan / Ragman as in the ending of the season it shows that John Diggle aka Spartan and Thea aka speedy resign from team arrow Oliver is the mayor of scarcity now.

He also recruits Dinah drake the next Black Canary after laurels death she is a former police detective. We also have a crossover of the flash, supergirl, and legends of tomorrow and to prevent an alien invasion. John Diggle was shown in a prison for a crime that he didn’t commit. Oliver breaks in jail and brings back John Diggle meanwhile the city is under threat by Tobias church who wants to bring drugs and human trafficking in the city and export to other cities using the waters of scarcity.

He kidnaps a wild dog and comes to know that Oliver queen who’s the mayor of the city is the green arrow. Arrow frees wild dog and Tobias church escapes but is killed by Prometheus. We have a flashback of the 5th year of Oliver queen he was asked to take down Konstantin Kovar. Oliver joins the Russian mob Bratva and is later trained by Talia and she masters him with archery before he takes up the hood. The Russian call him Kapustin which means the hood. In the later part we come to know that Talia is the daughter of Ra’s Al ghul. Adrian chase joins as the new district attorney of the starcity.

He is the Prometheus. He wants revenge from Oliver queen as he killed his father. He is later sent to prison by Oliver but he manages to escape and kidnaps Oliver queen’s friends and family and brings them to the island Lian yu. Oliver releases Slade Wilson and with his help and Nyssa Al ghul and Malcolm Merlyn’s help plans to take down Adrian chase. Adrian splits and keeps Oliver in prison and gets help by Talia Al ghul, Evelyn sharp and black Siren who is doppelganger of laurel Lance from earth 2.

Oliver first finds and rescues felicity Curtis Samantha and Thea and sends Malcolm Merlyn with them to rescue boat and while on the go Thea accidently steps on a landmine and in order to save her Malcolm pushes her and steps on the landmine and he gives up his life to save his child Thea . After that Oliver finds other team mates Dinah, Rene, John, Quentin. Adrian had also kidnapped William Oliver queen’s son from Samantha and hides him.

When Adrian tries to escape the island from a boat he finds William in that boat and Oliver comes to know that Adrian chase has planted bombs whole over the island and all the team members were on the island that time. Adrian was the trigger if he dies and he kills himself and the bombs start blasting. The show makers leave us in suspense that what happened after that that all survived the blast and made to the boat.

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Arrow Season 6 release date

The Season six of Arrow (an American action television series) was premiered on October 12, 2017 and ended on May 17, 2018 with a sum of 23 episodes. This was premiered on The CW at 8:00pm. And now it is premiered on Netflix.

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Arrow Season 6

In starting it shows that Samantha, Williams’s mother was injured severely in the blast and was dead while Thea too got many injuries but she survived and other team members were able to make out of island on time. Oliver queen finds it tough to be the green arrow mayor and Williams’s father all at same time so he decided to give up on being green arrow and handles the job to John diggle.

John faced nerve damage due to the explosion on Lian yu and he hid this thing from Oliver for long time and took drugs to keep him stable but caused him severe damage but is later helped by Curtis medical technology. Cayden James, Ricardo Diaz, Anatoly, black Siren plan together forms a group and decide to bring down Oliver queen. Cayden James plans to destroy the city as he thinks that Oliver had killed his son as collateral damage so he wanted the city to get destroyed that he loved the most but it’s later known to him that the video was morphed and Oliver didn’t kill his son.

One of his team members did that and it was Ricardo Diaz who killed his son. Cayden James took down the internet and because of that hundreds of lives were lost so he was arrested but was killed by Ricardo in police custody. He had the district attorney and police captain on his side and many more government officials. He had his reach everywhere in every department of the government and took city in his control.

On the other hand we have a crossover of the flash super girl arrow and legends of tomorrow and this cross over is named as crisis on earth X. Oliver queen and Felicity smoak finally get married . Theca’s now better and Felicity made a bond between her and William and William is happy with her .Also Oliver queen returned back as the green arrow when John was injured. Later the team splits into two due to lack of trust. It’s divided as wild dog, Mr. Terrific, black Canary in one team and green arrow, Spartan and over watch in one team.

After sometime John also gets separated from Oliver queen and now only Oliver queen and Felicity are as a team. Ricardo wanted Oliver queen to be in prison as he’s the green arrow so he gets Roy Harper and tortures him to testify That Oliver queen is the green arrow and is later saved by arrow. Thea Nyssa and Roy are set to destroy the three Lazarus pit discovered by Malcolm Merlyn.

Diaz tries to send Oliver queen to prison and now FBI was investigating on Oliver queen about being green arrow. But later when Ricardo Diaz was not successful in his plan to send Oliver to prison he decided to kill all the members of the team including Oliver. Oliver made Anatoly on his side and black Siren too and tried to take down Diaz .Oliver was not able to take down Diaz as he had an army of members as he also became member of crime lord group quadrant and also had scpd in his control.

Oliver asks help from the FBI and they help but on a condition that Oliver accepts that he is the green arrow and surrenders himself. Oliver in order to save his family and friends agreed to the deal and FBI helped him in taking down Diaz. Diaz was been able to escape and Oliver almost took down his army and associates with the help of FBI. Quentin was not able to survive in the clash. Oliver accepts in front of the world that he is the green arrow and surrenders to FBI. Before surrendering he bids farewell to everyone. None of his team member knew that the sacrifice he made to protect them his family and the city.

Now it’s suspense that Ricardo Diaz is still out and Oliver is in jail now what will happen next ? .

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Arrow Season 7 Release Date

The Season six of Arrow (an American action television series) was premiered on October 15, 2018 and ended on May 13, 2019 with a sum of 22 episodes. This was premiered on The CW at 8:00pm. And now it is premiered on Netflix.

Arrow Season 7

It starts with Oliver queen in Slab side Maximum security prison and is called as inmate 4587. William and Felicity change their identity and she works in a coffee shop while Dinah is promoted as police captain and John Diggle works for A.R.G.U.S. Rene trains children’s of glades boxing including her daughter Zoe. No one is now saving the city as vigilante due to anti vigilante law in force.

It’s been five months since Oliver queen’s arrest and he’s in jail and tries stays well even though they force him to fight with them. Ricardo Diaz attacks felicity smoak and William in their Argus hideout but somehow manages to escape as Argus reaches there on time. Felicity now decides to avenge Ricardo and so she chooses to become over watch again and sends William to hostel so he can stay safe there.

Oliver is informed in prison by an inmate That Ricardo has attacked felicity smoak and William and Oliver gets angry and beats the person and asks about his connections with Ricardo Diaz but the person is taken by the police officers to level 2. Oliver in order to get to level 2 from level 1 beats police officers and gets to level 2 where he meets a doctor who does experiments on the prisoners and after few time he comes to know that Talia Al ghul is the demon and has connection with Diaz and later helps her escape from prison and collects the proof against doctor experimenting with prisoners and puts him as a prisoner in same jail and gets released from the prison for this act.

Meanwhile there is a new green arrow in a city and he also saves Rene’s daughter. Now Oliver helps the police unmasked. Later it’s know that the new green arrow is Oliver’s sister emiko queen she is daughter born from the affair of her father with kazumi adachi emiko is Oliver’s paternal half sister. Felicity smoak develops a system called archer that can locate anyone in the world. . We also have a crossover known as else world. In which Oliver accepts to give his life in return for the flash and super girl to monitor. Later Oliver queen comes to know that emiko is her sister and asks her to forgive for her sins of father and later the mayor makes the vigilante a part of Special Forces of scpd.

Emiko is the head of ninth circle and Dante is the person behind the ninth circle, he killed emikos mother and alter when she came to know about it she killed Dante and saved the city from attack by the ninth circle. We also have flash-forward running together taking us to 2040 of starcity. It looks dusted and the glades have build walls around it and Rene is the mayor. The police are after black Canaries and the city is under threat.

Galaxy one is planning to destroy the star city accepts glades and builds it from start and to do so they are going to drop bombs. The archer program created by felicity smoak is the most powerful weapon and it works as an n trigger to activate bomb. The team destroys it and finally saves the city with Mia queen, felicity, Roy, Rene, Dinah, Zoe. Felicity says goodbye to her kids and goes with monitor to be with Oliver queen he’s in the place where once u go there is no return.

At present the team arrow has saved the city from Cygnus saran gas and emiko is dead. Oliver leaves the city with felicity to take break from vigilantism. And there in Bloomfield felicity gives birth to a baby girl she’s named Mia. Later at the end it’s an emotional moment, Oliver queen has to leave with monitor to save the universe and bids farewell to felicity. It leaves us in suspense what will happen next in absence of arrow.

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Arrow Season 8 Release date

The Season eight of Arrow (an American action television series) was premiered on October 15, 2019 and ended on January 28, 2020 with a sum of 10 episodes. This was premiered on The CW at 8:00pm. And now it is premiered on Netflix.

Arrow Season 8

It starts with Oliver queen in earth 2 and is found on an island and returns home after 12years and returns home and finds Moira and Malcolm as couple and Thea is dead due to an drug overdose on her 18th birthday and Adrian chase is the hood and Tommy Merlyn is the black archer .

He plans of undertaking but is stopped by Oliver queen with help of John diggle from earth 1. Dinah Rene helps Tommy in his plans on earth 2 with the dwarf star particle. As Oliver leaves for earth 1 the earth 2 vanishes from existence. The next moment the wale up on earth 1 in Hongkong they have to find scientist Wong and protect the alpha omega virus from going into bad hands. Then they have to go to Russia in order to extract a plan of a machine these all were test for Oliver queen by mar novu monitor.

Oliver travels to Nanda parbat to find about monitor that his intentions are correct or not. And finally gets his answers when he is forced in a time loop. He learns that he cannot change the fate. When Oliver agreed to help for mission monitor told Oliver that he had seen Oliver die in the crisis but yet he agreed to do so to give up his life to save the multiverse .He also brings his children William and Mia to present from the future 2040.

They were on a mission in which JJ killed Zoe. And Connor was going to kill JJ. Oliver is shocked as well as happy to see his family. He fights in a cage in Russia with Mia as her partner and win the game .we have a crossover of the Super girl legends of tomorrow the flash arrow superman and Lois and this crossover is known as crisis on infinite earth. Oliver queen dies saving lives of nearly 1 billion people. Sara John diggle and Mia think of reviving Oliver and now we have two special appearances Lucifer and John Constantine.

They try to find Oliver’s soul and they find but Oliver doesn’t come with them. Later it’s know that Oliver was chose to become the Spectre the ultimate being who can defeat the anti monitor and he rebuilt the infinite earth’s with his power and with the help of speed force which the anti monitor destroyed . At last it’s the most beautiful and happy ending where when Oliver restores the earth and rebirths it he brings back Moira Quentin Tommy emiko back to life and Thea and Roy decide to marry.

Laurel isn’t brought back to life as the doppelganger of laurel was already present on earth 1 there was no difference so he didn’t bring her back. Then Sara brings Mia back to 2019 from 2040 to Oliver queen’s funeral there she meets felicity. At last we have a happy ending where we get our answer where did felicity go monitor in season 7 as we get our answers here that monitor takes her to Oliver queen . It is a place where once someone goes cannot be returned and finally we have a happy ending.

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It’s one of the best shows to watch and is on my all time favourite list. It’s exciting that Oliver queen doesn’t have any super powers yet can do anything and can defeat anyone with his Excellency in archery and fights. It’s amazing that how a billionaire playboy changes into a vigilante hero and saves his city and world. This show gave birth to the Arrowverse which includes, The Flash, Super girl, Legends of tomorrow, Batwoman and Superman & Lois.

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