Arrow Season 1, 2 ,3 and 4 Recap

Everything there is to know about Arrow season 1,2,3 & 4 from release date, cast to storyline (explanation) and review

Arrow is based on Green Arrow, a costumed crime fighting super hero (DC Comics) created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp and continued by the Arrowverse.

The Cast and the Characters:-

There are more than 500 characters in arrow series but the main characters you should surely know about are:-

Stephen Amell who plays Oliver Queen / The Hood, Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance, Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak/ overwatch, David Ramsey as John Diggle/ Spartan, Willa Holland as Thea Queen, Susanna Thompson as Moira Queen and Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance.

Arrow Season 1 Release Date

Season one of Arrow (an American action television series) was premiered on October 10, 2012 and ended on May 15, 2013 with a sum of 23 episodes. This was premiered on The CW at 8:00pm. And now it is premiered on Netflix.

Arrow Season 1

It starts with Oliver queen (Arrow), (Stephen Amell), returning home from an Island named Lian Yu which means purgatory. He returned home after being 5 years on that island as the ship was sunk due to a bomb placed by his father’s friend who was not willing Robert queen to live so he placed a bomb on the queens gambit (ship). There were eight members on board in the gambit three of them made to the life boat and others died amongst them was Oliver queen girlfriend’s sister with whom he had an affair with.

She was swept away according to him in season 1. After that for a few days they were in the life boat and there was not enough food and water for three of them to survive, So Robert queen (father of Oliver queen) shot his bodyguard on board and then later shot himself so that his son (Oliver queen) survives. He sacrificed his life for his son and then Oliver queen reached an island where he met a person who was kept there as prisoner on Lian Yu by some men.

He saved Oliver’s life and taught him how to fight and survive and mastered him archery. Later they prevented a conspiracy on that island and then he was found by two fishermen and was able to return to his home after 5 years. He is a billionaire by birth and his family was happy on his return. When he reached home his family member’s behaviour changed and he was on an hunt to kill those people who failed their city. Before dying Oliver queen’s father Robert queen gave him a book in which there were names of the people who failed their city.

Oliver on returning home decided to kill the people whose names were there in the book. He became the vigilante after killing bad peoples and saved lives of the people of starling city.

He was then assisted by his bodyguard John Diggle in taking on the goons and protecting the city and later he comes to know that Malcolm Merlyn was planning to destroy a part of the city as he wanted to avenge the death of his wife who died in Glades part of the city, where goons attacked on her and left her bleeding to death, so Oliver queen with John Diggle and Felicity smoak tried to stop then attack and unfortunately were able to protect only 50% of the glades as the rest 50% were destroyed by Malcolm Merlyn also know as Dark archer, who was a member of League of assassins.

There were two machines set to destroy glades but only one was diffused by the help of the police officer detective Lance while the other machine started on and destroyed 50% of the glades.

The ending of season 1 leaves suspenses as Oliver queen’s best friend, tommy who is also the son of Malcolm Merlyn dies in the attack and the city is under fear what will happen next .

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Arrow Season 2 Release Date

The Season two of Arrow was premiered on October 9, 2013 and ended on May 14, 2014 with a sum of 23 episodes.

Arrow Season 2

Season 2 starts with Oliver queen back on the island, Lian Yu as he was feeling guilty that he wasn’t able to save his city from the destruction. Then later after searching for weeks finally John Biggle and Felicity find him and convince him to return back to the Star city. He (Oliver) was known by the name The Hood and he had now decided not to kill anyone to honour his best friend Tommy’s death.

Now season 2 brings a major twist by bringing back Sara who is laurels sister. Sara was on board on the queens gambit. Sara was presumed to be dead in season 1 but it later shows that she was saved by a group of people who were searching for a serum that can strengthen people which was used in world war 2. It was know as “Mirakuru”, (super soldier serum).

Those people found Oliver and Sara and kept them in a prison with them was Slade and Shado. Shadow was the daughter of the man who taught Oliver queen archery and how to survive on that island. Shado was able to discover the serum with others on Lian Yu island with the help of a bow shaped stone her father gave to her. After that they got into a fight and Oliver was made to decide to save a life either of Sara or Shado. He chose Sara and the goons killed Shado by seeing that Slade Wilson who was with Oliver decided to take revenge of Shado’s death .

He fought with Oliver and was injured before so in order to save his life Oliver gave him the Mirakuru which not only saved his life but also made him strong, very much strong. Now at present Sara returns to star city and meets her father and tells that his life is in danger as she has left the league of assassians and a member can only leave the league when he’s dead . Sara was trained by them and when she left Nanda Parbat the place where the league of assassians live, the league sends some of its members to kill Sara.

On the other hand there goes on trial on Moira queen who is Oliver’s mother. The trial is about the 503 people who died in the glades due to the attack on them by the earthquake generating machine which was manufactured in the queen consolidation. Moira clarifies that it was done under the pressure of Malcolm Merlyn as he killed his 1st husband and kidnapped his 2nd and also his son’s life was in danger because of him. Later on it is known that Thea queen who is Oliver’s sister is known to be the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn and Moira queen when they had an affair. Thea and Oliver are shocked to know this.

Slade Wilson kidnaps Moira and Thea queen and kills Moira queen (The Mother of Oliver) in front of oliver queen. Roy Harper who helps Oliver in his missions and is also Thea’s boyfriend gets injected with the serum too by Slade Wilson but chose to stay on Oliver’s side. Slade Wilson comes with the army of super soldiers and attacks starling city. Oliver with help of Felicity make antidote of Mirakuru and inject on the soldiers and Slade Wilson and saves the city.

Later on the showmakers leave us again in suspense as it is known at the end of final episode that Oliver queen was not on the island for 5 years he was out of the island within a year by the people of an agency know as A.R.G.U.S and they took him to Honkong. This leaves us in suspense of what happened during that missing 4 years and what could possibly happen next.

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Arrow Season 3 Release Date

The Season three of arrow was premiered on October 8, 2014 and ended on May 13, 2015 with a sum of 23 episodes.

Arrow Season 3

At the end of season 2 we also see that Oliver queen doesn’t kill Slade Wilson and puts him in purgatory on Lian Yu specially created by A.R.G.U.S to hold prisoners and then in the starting we see Sara Lance (black Canary) is killed by an archer and Oliver queen is in search of the archer who killed her. Here we have a new character named Ray Palmer.

He acquires Queen consolidation and also hires felicity Smoak and later with her help builds a super hero suit, which is known by the name A.T.O.M. Ray palmer (Brandon Routh) is not only a billionaire but also a superhero (He gave his cameo in the arrow and later he gets his own television series named DC’s Legends of tomorrow). Thea queen leaves the city at the end of season 2 and then when Sara is killed Oliver gets tensed about her sister and finds that she is in Corto Maltese and he reaches there and tries to convince her to return back to star city with him .

She agrees and returns back to star city. On the other hand Nyssa Al Ghul who is Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter is on mission to find the killer of her beloved Sara. She gets a lead that Malcolm Merlyn is still alive and he has murdered Sara but when the arrow finds Malcolm Merlyn he asks him about the murder but he denies the claim.

Later on when Nyssa tries to kill Malcolm Merlyn he is saved by the arrow (Oliver). We do have a special appearance of the flash (fastest man on earth) (Grant Gustin). The flash and the arrow together solve a case and that’s very interesting. Later on its found that Malcolm dosed Thea with a herb that makes one lose control of themselves and makes them do anything without their knowledge and that he made Thea kill Sara under the influence of that herb. Malcolm did this protect himself from Ra’s Al Ghul as he thought that he would make Thea kill Sara and later on force Oliver to fight with Ra’s Al Ghul so that the blood debt is over. Oliver goes to Nanda Parbat and challenges Ra’s Al Ghul for battle and he nearly gets killed in the battle but is later saved by his old friend Maseo and Tatsu.

(So now there is a flashback of when Oliver spent time in Hongkong, he was rescued from Lian Yu and brought to Hongkong by Amanda waller, who is the head of ARGUS. Amanda Waller recruits Oliver and Maseo in a joint mission in order to spy the conspiracy by Chien-Na-Wei. Later Oliver and Maseo discovers that the group was going to attack Hongkong by biological weapon known as alpha and omega virus. They succesfully destroyed most of the weapons but were not able to control one part of it, which kills many people including Maseo’s Son Akio).

Now let’s go to the present where Oliver returns to the star city and helps his friend from preventing a group of people from taking over glades . Ra’s Al Ghul offers Oliver queen to become the next Ra’s Al Ghul that is the leader of the league of assassians . He calls Oliver to Nanda Parbat and says him about a prophecy, That who ever survives the sword of Ra’s Al Ghul becomes the next Ra’s Al Ghul and shows him the Lazarus pit which can heal any wound and can bring a dead back to life .Oliver rejects the offer and returns to star city with his friends. Thea is broke to know what she did in the influence of the herb her father gave her.

Later Ra’s Al Ghul reveals to captain Lance that Oliver queen is the arrow and makes it public but his team saves him by surrendering Roy Harper as the arrow and meanwhile Oliver queen’s sister Thea queen is attacked by Ra’s Al Ghul and she is on her death bed now . Oliver now had only one option that to return Nanda Parbat and accept the position of Ra’s Al Ghul and save Thea queen by bringing her back to life by the help of Lazarus pit .Oliver queen accepts the offer and Thea is brought back to life.

He accepts the offer as he wanted to dismantle the league of aasasins from the inside and Later the arrow is given a new name known as (Al Sa him), (Wareeth Al Ghul)the heir to the demon . He is asked to marry Nyssa daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul and Marries her and then is asked to destroy his city by a bio weapon known as the alpha and omega virus that spreaded in Hongkong 5 years ago by China . Oliver how ever saves his city and defeats Ra’s Al Ghul and nearly prevents the biological attack with help of his team but there are few casualties . Oliver saves the city later leaves star city with felicity and again in the end the season 3 leaves us in suspense as Ray Palmer ( A.T.O.M. ) is dead due to the backfire of an experiment leading to a blast and arrow has taken a break from the work, so now the question is what will happen to the star city?

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Arrow Season 4 Release Date

Season four of Arrow was premiered on October 7, 2015 and ended on May 25, 2016 with a sum of 23 episodes. This was premiered on The CW at 8:00pm. And now it is premiered on Netflix.

Arrow Season 4

In the starting it’s shown that Oliver queen and Felicity smoak are spending their time in Ivy town. There in star city, John and Laurel protect the city until Damien Darhk shows up with his soldiers of H.I.V.E. Damien Darhk has super power of dark magic and has a relic which was extracted from Lian yu that has dark powers. He wants the world to be ended and start everything from new.

Oliver returns back to star city with felicity, when the team arrow needs him back . Now he returns as the green arrow. Sara Lance who was dead was brought back to life by Lazarus pit by Thea and laurel without knowledge of Oliver, then when it’s known to Oliver he helps to restore her soul back with help of John Constantine. (Matt Ryan) (from Constantine a show from arrowverse) It’s know that Ray Palmer A.T.O.M. was alive and didn’t die in the blast and was kept in custody of Damien Darhk who wanted his super suit.

Thea who was brought back from Lazarus pit gets blood lust and to fulfill the bloodlust she must kill someone and same was with Sara. There was a cure an elixir called lotus. Inorder to get the cure Oliver queen was asked to fight Ra’s Al Ghul that is Malcolm merlyn by Nyssa. Oliver defeats Malcolm merlyn and gives the demon ring to Nyssa and makes her the next Ra’s Al Ghul . Later Oliver queen stands for mayor and is opposed by Damien Darhk’s wife and she wins the election.

Damien darhk kills Black Canary aka Laurel Lance and Oliver vows to kill Damien darhk. He didn’t kill anyone after Tommy’s death but this time he decided to kill Damien darhk and then it’s know that with help of Rubicon Damien Darhk is planning to destroy the world by releasing nuclear missiles from all over the world nearly 15000 nukes at the same time and 1st it’s left upon star city which felicity smoak diverts and prevents the attack on star city but the missle gets blasted where it’s diverted and kills nearly 10000 peoples. Later Oliver queen with help of citizens of star city defeat Damien Darhk and Oliver queen is asked to become the next mayor of star city .

IMDB Rating Season 4

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It’s one of the best shows to watch and is on my all time favourite list. It’s exciting that Oliver queen doesn’t have any super powers yet can do anything and can defeat anyone with his excellency in archery and fights. It’s amazing that how a billionaire playboy changes into a vigilante hero and saves his city and world. This show gave birth to the Arrowverse which includes, The Flash, Super girl, Legends of tomorrow, Batwoman and Superman & Lois.


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