Are You Passionate to Hear About the Rooster Leave the Ranch (Part 8)?

If Yes, Here Are Some Unknown Things About The Release Date, Plot Cast Of The Show.

The Ranch has made many fans and still gaining popularity. But the main question that people ask is about the return of Rooster. What was the reason behind his departure from the show?

Here are some details about the show and also the answer to this question.

Don Reo and Jim Patterson are the creators of the sitcom comedy-drama that got released on 1st April 2016 on Netflix.

Jamie Rhonheimer, Steve Tompkins, and Sam Elliott are the producers of the American show.

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It consists of four seasons that got divided into two parts each (total eight parts) with a total of 80 episodes. 25-35 minutes is the running time of each episode of The Ranch.

What Is the Plotline of the Series the Ranch?

The storyline of the series is set in an imaginary Iron River Ranch near Garrison. It is all about a flawed family, the Bennetts, consisting of two brothers, their father, and their mother, who owns a bar. Colt, the protagonist of the show, returns to his family and hometown to help in the field after failing in his profession. He wanted to become a successful footballer. Currently, he was trying to be with a semi-pro football team. Colt and Jameson are irresponsible personalities addicted to drinking, whereas Beau is a bitter rancher.

The 8th part starts with a shock after the return of Mary’s ex named Nick. How will his return affect the relationship between Mary and Colt? To know the answer, do stream the show.

The most asked question of the series is about the return of Rooster.

Will Rooster Return to the Ranch? What Is the Reason for His Departure From the Show?

The main reason Masterson leaving his role as Rooster was the allegations of sexual assault on him. Netflix fired him from the show because of these claims. However, he denied it.

In the finale of part 5, Rooster was threatened by Mary’s ex at gunpoint to leave the town. He meets with an accident on a dangerous road.

The Release Date: When Was the Eighth Part of the Ranch Made Available for the Audience?

The second part of the final season is the eighth part of the series that got released on 24th January 2020 with ten episodes.

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What Are the Names of the Characters Involved in the 8th Part of the Ranch?

  • Colt Reagan Bennett, played by Ashton Kutcher, was a quarterback in his football team in high school. He returns to his birthplace after fifteen years to support his father and brother in the field. He was also part of the Florida State Team as a backup, which won the college football championship in 1999. He is caring and friendly with other people but doesn’t use common sense and acts too quickly without thinking. He loves drinking as well. Abby is his life partner, and Peyton is their daughter.
  • Jameson “Rooster” Ford Bennett, played by Danny Masterson, is the elder brother of Colt. He takes care and works hard at the field after the departure of Colt to fulfil his dreams of being a footballer. He is also a heavy drinker and sometimes shows a bitter attitude for compromising for working in the field for Colt’s career. He is a rational thinker and presumed to be dead after getting lost over a dangerous road.
  • The mother of Colt and Rooster is Maggie Bennett, played by Debra Winger. She uses marijuana for smoking and is a free soul owning Maggie’s Bar. She got divorced from Beau after getting separated.
  • Beau Roosevelt Bennett is the father of Colt and Rooster, played by Sam Elliott. He was a veteran at the time of the Vietnam War who returned and started working in the field after the war ended. He is consistently annoyed by everyone and doesn’t like the modern availabilities.
  • Abby Phillips Bennett, played by Elisha Cuthbert, is the wife of Colt, who got engaged to Kenny before marrying Colt. After five years of her relationship with Kenny, she broke up with him, to sum up, her world with Colt.

The Other Characters of the Series Are:

  • Dale Rivers’s role played by Barry Corbin
  • Hank McGinty’s role played by Grady Lee Richmond
  • Kenny Ballard’s role played by Bret Harrison
  • Mary Roth’s role played by Megyn Price

What Are The Ratings Of The Series The Ranch?

The Ranch has got average but positive reviews from critics. The series consists of four seasons divided into eight parts. The eighth part of the series has received 67% of the audience score, according to 21 user ratings. It hasn’t received any rating yet to be calculated on Tomatometer.

The Ranch has got a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch The Series The Ranch?

The Ranch was originally released on Netflix. So you can stream it over there after the subscription. You can also stream it through Just Watch.

It is also available on Amazon Prime now, but only in some regions.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Series The Ranch:

Was Maggie Present at the Finale of the Series?

Maggie has been an integral part of the series since its release in 2016. She doesn’t appear in every episode, but fans did felt her absence in the final part.

Is Rooster Dead or Alive in the Ranch?

Mary’s ex-boyfriend named Nick forced Rooster on a gunpoint to leave the town. In the 6th part, it was revealed that Rooster died in a motorbike accident.

Who Was the Murderer of Nick in the Ranch?

Mary’s daughter named Heather pulled the trigger and shot Nick to death.

Was Elisha Cuthbert Pregnant at the Time of Part 6’s Shoot?

Elisha Cuthbert, playing the role of Abby, was pregnant during the shoot of Part 6 of the series. During the release of Part 5, she was blessed with a baby girl with her husband, Dion Phaneuf. She named her daughter Zaphire, born on 21st December 2017.

Was Colt and Abby Got Divorced in the Ranch?

Due to the decisions made by Colt, Abby hands him divorce papers in the final two episodes of part seven. The relationship between them started heating up because of Colt’s questionable decisions.


The show came to an end after the release of the 8th part. You can stream the show on Netflix and enjoy it.

If you have any queries regarding the ROOSTER LEAVE THE RANCH, you can leave a comment in the comment part. We feel free to answer.


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