Are You Inquisitive to Know the Climax of Chicago Fire Season 8?

Chicago Fire Season 8

If you are a fan of crime drama, then Chicago Fire should be on the top of your list. The show made a lot of fans and is still running successfully since 2012.

Here we gonna discuss the plot of Episode 3 of Season 8, where Brett receives a warm welcome and a case as well.

Before starting, let us know about some details related to the show.

Chicago Fire is an action-drama TV series that originated in the United States.

Derek Haas and Michael Brandt are the creators of the series.

John L. Roman, Todd Arnow, Tim Deluca, Hilly Hicks Jr., Carla Corwin, and Michael Gilvary are the producers of the show Chicago Fire.

Chicago Fire Season 8

Chicago Fire was first Premiered on the popular NBC on 10th October 2012 and is still running.

The show consists of 9 seasons with a total number of 195 episodes.

Each episode consisted of 42 minutes of running time.

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The Plot of Episode 3 of Chicago Fire Season 8:

The professional and personal lives of firefighters are being explored in the series. after the death of Andrew Darden, a veteran firefighter, Lieutenant Matthew Casey and Lieutenant Kelly Severide blame each other for losing a long-time friend and colleague. Peter Mills, a new firefighter joins the station and is the one who follows in the footsteps of his late father. Some brand-new faces seem to the firefighters as the tale proceeds. They all are under the leadership of Battalion Chief Wallace Boden. They face life and death decisions every day and have become a family now.

The episode is entitled “Badlands”. Sylvie Brett receives a warm welcome from all, and thus, she becomes the star of the show.

Brett officially breaks off her engagement and returns to Chicago. She returns to Firehouse 51. As she comes back, a case of abuse at a local juvenile facility takes place, and the paramedic team reaches there for investigation. At that time, she quickly becomes the centre of attention for all. Matthew Casey, who is most probably the love interest of Brett, becomes very happy after seeing her back. But on the other hand, he is not that happy because he didn’t jump onto another case, and this time his apartment, most probably, wasn’t set on fire.

The episode starts with the return of Brett to Firehouse 51. She was very happy, but after entering, her smile disappears soon when she sees Christopher Herrmann arguing with the engineer’s crew. The engineers were told to install a new system, smarter than before, at the firehouse. They all wanted to give a surprise to Brett that how happy they are to see her back, so they hid their emotions and lied to her.

Brett gives a hug to Casey and notices a recruit over there. She asks about the recruit to her partner named Emily Foster. But their chat remained incomplete as they receive an emergency call from the juvenile centre where an injury is reported. When they reach there, the officer in charge denies them to enter the centre. Foster threatens him about his job, after which he allows them to enter but still keeps an eye on them. He just stood in the room and was watching here and there. It appeared that he was hiding something. A guard also travelled with them in the ambulance that made the possibilities, of him hiding something, stronger.

Chicago Fire Season 8

Chief Wallace Boden was deciding to send someone to the leadership conference and suddenly sees Stella Kidd. He was determined to send her to the conference, but Stella was unaware of that as she was introducing Joe Cruz to Blake Gallo at that time. Cruz soon asks Gallo to stay out of the locker of Otis. On the other hand, a new Smart system was been installed in the firehouse, and Casey was learning to operate it. Foster and Brett discuss their case with Boden and seek help. He gives them a report revealing that the victim was attacked by one of the fellow members of their firehouse.

Boden then advises paramedics to take the case very seriously and find out every detail as their mistake can put the patient in harm again. He was also worried that if the above-mentioned reports are correct then why was Isaac saying again and again that he was sorry and will not tell anybody about anything?

All these things will be revealed in the next episode.

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Release Date of Episode 3 of Chicago Fire Season 8:

Episode 3 of Chicago Fire Season 8 was aired on 9th October 2019.

The whole season was aired on NBC from 25th September 2019 and ended with 20 episodes on 15th April 2020 with 42 minutes of running time.

The Cast of The Series Chicago Fire Season 8:

  • Captain Matthew Casey’s role is played by Jesse Spencer
  • Lieutenant Kelly Severide’s role is played by Taylor Kinney
  • Paramedic in Charge Sylvie Brett’s role is played by Kara Killmer
  • Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann’s role is played by David Eigenberg
  • Firefighter Brian “Otis” Zvonecek’s role is played by Yuri Sardarov
  • Firefighter Joe Cruz’s role is played by Joe Minoso
  • Firefighter Randy “Mouch” McHolland’s role is played by Christian Stolte
  • Firefighter Stella Kidd’s role is played by Miranda Rae Mayo
  • Paramedic Emily Foster’s role is played by Annie Ilonzeh
  • Chief Wallace Boden’s role is played by Eamonn Walker
  • Firefighter Candidate Blake Gallo’s role is played by Alberto Rosende

Chicago Fire Season 8

IMDb Rating of The Series Chicago Fire:

8 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the series Chicago Fire.

Where Can We Watch Episode 3 of Chicago Fire Season 8?

You can stream it online from the above-mentioned links or can download it from various platforms to watch it offline.


Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 3 ended on a suspense note about who was the one among them to attack the victim. This will be revealed in the next episode.

Until then, keep watching Chicago Fire Season 8!

If you have any question query regarding Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 3, you can drop a comment in the comment box. We love to answer.

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