Are You Excited To Watch The Crime Drama Again: L.A.’s FINEST SEASON 2?

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The crime drama is one of the most appreciable contents nowadays. People are getting attracted to such content rapidly.

L.A.’s Finest is a comedy-action crime TV series that originated in America.

Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier are the creators of the series.

The show is a spinoff of the franchise “Bad Boys” that was created by George Gallo.

The series consists of 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes.

The show was telecasted on Spectrum Originals.

The Plot Of The Series L.A.’s Finest Season 2:

After the death of Jen, Syd feels intense sorrow as he loses her friend. He decides to search for the murderer of Jen with the help of McKenna. On the other hand, a Koreatown legend is also put to death by someone which leaves every member of the community to wonder who could be responsible for the death. The team then searches for the culprit of the death of the Koreatown legend. McKenna, on the other hand, is triggered by all the memories that she faced in Iraq. Syd finds a tape during the search in which he discovers Jen talking to an unexpected client.

After listening to the tape, Syd and McKenna interrogate an old client of Jen. They were aware that they are on the right track after facing a life-threatening call and experience. They also confronted the old client of Jen. After finding the culprit behind the death of the Koreatown Legend, the community then aims at the criminal. They arrest him and put him in jail. After solving this case, a new case arrives In front of the team which involved the death of a collegiate swimmer in a clearly understood hit-and-run case. A new clue is revealed in front of Syd related to Jen’s past.

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After connecting all the crimes with a new mobile app, the team discovers that the Koreatown crime was far away from all the incidences that took place. on the other hand, the true identity of Jen was revealed in front of Syd that put him in a state of shock.

Surrounded by all the investigations, including the one that was overlapping with Nico’s new hustle, McKenna decides to start a family therapy while Jen’s family is informed about the bad news by Syd. Syd tells them about the truth of Jen’s death. After exposing the truth, unexpected help is provided by someone on the case to Syd. A tough decision is made by McKenna and Patrick.

The LAPD team then struggles with time to prevent the death of one of their member. Syd comes to know about the Koreatown crime and discovers that the people are forced to come out of their houses due to the crime wave. This pulls the attention of Ricky Leon. A deadly dispensary robbery takes place in the town that made the LAPD search for the team responsible for the crime.

After the missing report of Emma from the town, Syd decides to bring her back to her family at any cost. McKenna reporting as an undercover agent visits a veteran’s retreat where many highly skilled Koreatown criminals were about to come. This could serve as a source of many criminals. An internal affairs investigation confronts Syd and Baines regarding the death of Beverly Gamble. Duke Ingram is then interrogated by Walker and McKenna that lead them to an unforeseen arm dealer.

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The team then works without a break in search of Malcolm Ward, believed to be a murderer at a large scale whereas Patrick waits for the results of the election. On the other hand, Syd deals with the internal affairs that he would reveal the secret to them about the happening in the scrap yard.

McKenna becomes very sad about the death of a close one along with Syd by her side whereas the LAPD works together to maintain peace in Koreatown.

Release Date Of The Series L.A.’s Finest:

Season 1 of the show was released on 13th May 2019 and ended on 17th June 2019 with 13 episodes.

L.A.’s Finest Season 2 was released on 9th September 2020. In October 2020, the series was cancelled by Spectrum after completing its second season with 13 episodes.

The first season of the show was telecasted on Fox on 21st September 2020 as an American broadcast television premiere.

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The Cast Of The Show L.A.’s Finest:

The main characters involved are:

  • Special Agent/Detective Lieutenant Sydney “Syd” Burnett’s character is played by Gabrielle Union
  • Detective Nancy McKenna’s character is played by Jessica Alba
  • Ben Baines’s character is played by Duane Martin
  • Ben Walker’s character is played by Zach Gilford
  • Patrick McKenna’s character is played by Ryan McPartlin
  • Isabel “Izzy” McKenna’s character is played by Sophie Reynolds
  • Joseph Vaughn’s character is played by Ernie Hudson

Other characters involved are:

  • Fletcher’s character is played by John Salley
  • Dante Sherman’s character is played by Barry Sloane
  • Jen’s character is played by Sabina Gadecki
  • Lt. Jason Calloway’s character is played by David Fumero
  • Nico Perez’s character is played by Joshua Alba; etc

IMDb Rating Of The Show L.A.’s Finest:

5.9 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the show L.A.’s Finest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can We Watch The Show L.A.’s Finest Season 2?

You can also download season 1 from torrent and enjoy watching offline. If you wish to stream online, you can select from the above link.


Season 2 of L.A.’s Finest was a big hit among the series. Season 2 was telecasted at the time of the pandemic, and maybe this is the only reason for its cancellation.

However, fans are still hoping for the next season to be announced. If it would not be renewed then maybe we would see many more upcoming projects of the makers.

If you have any queries regarding L.A.’s Finest Season 2, you can drop a comment on the comment box. We love to answer.

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