Are You Excited To Wach Your Super Hero Series Again: ONE-PUNCH MAN DUB Season 3?


Yes, You Heard Right it Come Up With Season 3.Here, You Will get to know Everything Include The Release Date Cast Plot of season 3.

Superhero is such a franchise that is not only popular among children but adults as well. One-Punch Man is also one of them.

Can someone be so powerful that he/she gets bored of his mysterious potential? This can be answered easily by watching/reading One-Punch Man.

One-Punch Man is a superhero franchise that originated in Japan in 2009.

ONE is the writer and creator of the Manga One-Punch Man.

Shingo Natsume is the director of Season 1 and Chikara Sakurai is the director of Season 2 of the anime TV series One-Punch Man.

Tomohiro Suzuki is the writer and Chinatsu Matsui, Nobuyuki Hosoya, Keita Kodama, Ayuri Taguchi, and Sota Sato are the producers of the anime One-Punch Man.

It has completed its 2 seasons with 24 episodes from 5th October 2015 to 2nd July 2019.

There are 23 volumes of One-Punch Man and the latest one is also gonna arrive in mid of 2021.


The Plot of The Anime One-Punch Man Season 3:

Many monsters and villains on the supercontinent Earth are threatening and killing people in the cities. To fight against the villains and to protect the people from the damage, the millionaire Agoni builds a superhero association where the heroes are appointed based on their power. A man named Saitama comes from City Z and performs the role of a superhero just for his enjoyment without being a part of the superhero association. He has trained himself in such a way that he can defeat the evils with just a single punch. This has made him suffer from boredom as he is so powerful that none of them can stand in front of him.

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Genos, who is willing to take revenge on a cyborg that destroyed his hometown and killed his family, becomes the disciple of Saitama after seeing his ability as Saitama saves Genos from the destruction. Genos is himself a cyborg. To join the Hero Association, Saitama and Genos give the theory and practical exams. Due to low scores in the written entry exam, Saitama is placed at a low rank and people over there are unaware of the powers of Saitama. Despite seeing his superpowers in the practice they underestimate him and places him at a low-entry rank.

All the top heroes are then called upon in a meeting to inform that before dying, seer Shibabawa had a vision that there is some sought of danger to the world. Just after the meeting, an alien named Boros enters the planet. All the heroes go there and fight against the invaders who are outside the ship of the Boros while Saitama goes inside the ship to fight with Boros. But the doubt is “was Boros the one whom seer had seen?” or there was someone else who was even more powerful.

Saitama meets other heroes and discovers that there is another danger “the martial artist Garo”, who is a self-dubbed hero hunter. He fights with all the heroes to defeat them and becomes a monster after increasing his powers.

The existence of the Monster Association was then revealed that consists of many monsters to destroy the Hero Association. Monsters used to attack different cities and kidnap a child of executives of the hero association. They used to give “monster cells” to the fighters through which humans became monsters with extraordinary powers and abilities due to the mutations within them.


After discovering such situations, how Saitama gonna deal with these despite being at the lower rank, is the story all about. Season 1 and 2 both are based on Saitama’s powers through which he defeats his enemies.

The release date of One Punch Man Season 3 is not revealed yet and the Season is also not confirmed yet. However, the possibility of the season coming is high due to its fan following. Season 2 ended dramatically and excitingly that widens the probability of the existence of season 3. There was a gap of 4 years between the release of season 1 and season 2, so season 3 will also take time for its release. The development was also interrupted due to COVID-19.

The plot of the new season is unknown but is filled with more dangerous monsters and a good number of heroes. Season 3 is going to be more action-packed than the previous season. The fight between Saitama and Garo is going to be a highlight.

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The Cast of The Popular And Amazing Anime One-Punch Man season 3:

The main characters are:

  • Saitama – voice given by Max Mittelman
  • Genos – voice given by Zach Aguilar

Other superheroes are:

  • Tornado – voice is given by Marieve Herington in Season 1 and Corina Boettger in Season 2
  • Bang – voice is given by Will Barret
  • Atomic Samurai – voice is given by Kyle Hebert
  • Child Emperor – voice is given by Sara Cravens
  • Metal Knight – voice is given by Taylor Henry
  • King – voice is given by Rich Brown
  • Tank-Top Master – voice is given by Patrick Seitz
  • Puri-Puri Prisoner – voice is given by Ray Chase
  • Watchdog Man – voice is given by Arnie Pantoja
  • Drive Knight – voice is given by Todd Haberkorn


IMDB Rating of The Popular And Amazing Anime One Punch Man Season 3 :

8.8 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the anime One-Punch Man.

Where Can We Watch The Anime, One-Punch Man?

You can watch it online from the above links or can download it from different websites to watch it offline.


The official account of One-Punch Man on Twitter has thanked the fans for supporting and loving Season 2 and asked for their support for Season 3 also so that the creators can renew the new season and release it on time.

Keep supporting and keep watching One-Punch Man.


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