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There are many movies based on the theme of martial arts. Martial Universe is also one of them. The release of the evil powers that got locked by the master a century ago makes chaos all around the world. Thus, the introduction of a hero personality takes place and wins over them.

Zhang Li is the writer and director of the Chinese TV series Martial Universe that got released on 7th August 2018 on Dragon TV.

Zhang Wei is the producer of fantasy, adventure, and romantic TV series.

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It has completed its two seasons with a total of 60 episodes. The first season consists of 40 episodes, whereas the second season consists of 20 episodes.

What Is The Plotline Of The TV Series Martial Universe Season 2?

The story revolves around a mysterious seal, due to which the introduction of the protagonist, Lin Dong, takes place. He travels all around in various lands to sharpen his skills. On his way, he meets two ladies, Ling Qingzhu and Ying Huanhuan, and falls in love with both of them. However, he marries Ying Huanhuan. He enters into the art of cultivation and soon becomes the most powerful and respected cultivator.

After the increment in his powers, he discovers the deadliest secrets and increases his knowledge too. Soon he learns about the intentions and plots of the demon Sect, by which he could take over the world. To defeat the evil, the trio of Lin, Ying, and Ling joins together and aims to establish peace all over the world.

The Release Date: When Was The Second Season Of Martial Universe Made Available For The Audience?

The second season of the show got released on 11th October 2018 on Youku. It came to an end on 7th November 2018 with 20 episodes.

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What Are The Names Of The Characters Involved In The TV Series Martial Universe Season 2?

The protagonist of the show is Lin Dong, played by Yang Yang. He is the successor of the Lin Clan and is also chosen as the descendant of the Emblem Master. Emblem Master was the one who locked the Yimo demons 100 years ago and decided to fight against them after their re-emergence. After developing affection towards Ling Qingzhu, he falls in love with Ying Huanhuan later on.

Ying Huanhuan, played by Zhang Tian’ai, is the daughter of the Dao Sect’s leader. She is the reincarnation of the ice lord and uses her powers to save Dao Zong. She plays a key role in helping Lin Dong while searching for his revenge.

Ling Qingzhu, played by Wang Likun, is the princess of Tai Qing Palace of Nine Heaven. After sleeping with Lin Dong unexpectedly, she seeks revenge and searches for him. However, she fells in love with him.

Lin Langtian, played by Wu Chun, is the martial arts prodigy who leads the Lin Clan and wishes to take it to newer heights. Later he surrenders in front of villains and loses his journey.

The other characters involved in the series are:

Lin Yan or Xiao Yan’s role played by Ashton Chen

Mu Qianqian’s role played by Liu Yan

Lin Diao’s role played by Suo Xiaokun

Lin Qingtan’s role played by Dong Qing

Master Yan’s role played by Yang Haoyu

Teng Lei’s role played by Li Xinliang

What Are The Ratings Of The TV Series Martial Universe?

Martial Universe has a rating of 6.6 out of 10 onIMDb. On My Anime List, it has scored a 7.43 rating, based on 1,724 users.

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Where Can We Watch The Second Season Of The TV Series Martial Universe?

There are many platforms over the Internet where you can watch the series online or download it from various websites. It is available on MX Player. You can also watch it on Amazon Prime.

It is also available on Daily Motion and Rakuten Viki for free.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To The TV Series Martial Universe Season 2:

How was the ending of the Martial Universe?

After taking a look at the novel, the Martial Universe, the crack in the plane gets destroyed due to the design of the demon prison. The arrival of the demon emperor is to burn the reincarnation. However, he sacrifices himself so that Lin could come out and transforms into Wuzu.

From whom did Lin Dong got married?

Lin Dong got married to Yig Huanhuan. He came to the Great Thousand World in search of his wife after defeating Ice Spirit Tribe Ancestor and three heavenly Sovereign experts.

How many Ancestral Symbols does Lin Dong possess?

No strength is required for obtaining approval from the Ancestral Symbols. There are eight Ancestral Symbols, among which Devouring Ancestral Symbol is the most mysterious.

Is Romance a theme of Martial Universe?

According to the popular novel named Wu Dong Qian Kun, Martial Universe is a mixture of love stories, drama, and fights. It also consists of shocking twists and a coming-of-age tale.


Martial Universe has completed its two seasons successfully. Meanwhile, the third season is on its way.

Until its release, keep watching Martial Universe!

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