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FATE/ APOCRYPHA is a Japanese animated television series created by Yuichiro Higashide and directed by Yoshiyuki Asai. The animated television series, produced by Aniplex, Tokyo MX, and BS11 under the studio A-1 Pictures. Masaru Yokoyama composed the music of the animated series. It is an adaptation of the manga series FATE.

The series has only one season and contains a total of 25 episodes. The series aired in July 2017 on Tokyo MX in Japan, Aniplex of America released the series in Blu-ray in America, and Madman Entertainment released the home videos of the series in Australia and New Zealand.

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The Release Date of the Animated Series Fate / Apocrypha:

The first episodes of the series aired on Sunday, July 2, 2017, on Tokyo MX and other channels in Japan. Each episode of the series is broadcasting every Sunday, and the last episode aired on December 30, 2017. Outside Japan, the first 12 episodes began streaming on November 7, 2017, on Netflix.

The Characters of the Animated Series Fate/ Apocrypha:

Many characters played a crucial role in the series Fate/ Apocrypha. Some of the main characters of the series are:

· Sieg voiced by Natsuki Hanae in Japanese and Zach Aguilar in English.

· Maaya Sakamoto in Japanese and Erika Harlacher in English gave their voice to Ruler(Jeanne D’Arc).

· Rumi Okubo( Japanese) and Faye Mata( English) vocalize the character Astolfo(Rider of Black).

· Makoto Furukawa( Japanese) and Joe Zieja( English) vocalize the character Rider of red( Achilles).

· Ryotaro Okiayo( Japanese) and Ray Chase( English) vocalize the character Lancer of Black( Vlad Dracula).

· Koji Yusa (Japanese) and Chris Niosi( English) vocalize the character Lancer of Red( Karna).

· Koki Uchiyama( Japanese) and Max Mittelman( English) vocalize the character Shirou Kotomine.

· Nobuyuki Hiyama( Japanese) and Benjamin Diskin( English) vocalize Damic Presto Yggdmillennia.

· Toru Ohkawa( Japanese) and Brad Venable( English) vocalize the character Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia.

· Kenji Nomura( Japanese) and Patrick Seitz( English) vocalize the character Kairi Shishgou.

The other characters of the series are Saber of Black, Archer of Black, Berserker of Black, Caster of Black, Saber of Red, Archer of Red Berseker of Red, Caster of Red, Masters of Black, and Masters of Red.

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The Plot of the Animated Series Fate/ Apocrypha:

Once upon a time in Fuyuki, Japan, during the third Holy grail War, the Grail has stolen by someone and taken to Romania.

Sometime later, in Romania, the groups the black, and the red faction, fought against each other of the Grail. The 14 masters and their 14 servants are trying to retain the Grail.

In the end, Shirou won the greater Grail. Jeanne and Gilles sacrifice their lives to save the Grail from Shirou. However, Sieg defeats Shirou wins the war with Astolfo. Siege transport the Grail to the reverse side of the world, where the magic of the Grail doesn’t work

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Animated Series Fate/ Apocrypha.

Where Can We Watch the Animated Series Fate/ Apocrypha?

You can watch the animated series Fate/ Apocrypha on the OTT platform NETFLIX. The series is also available in Blu-Ray.

What Are the Ratings of the Series Fate/ Apocrypha?

The series gets good ratings on various platforms. The Ratings on the rating platforms are:

· IMDB Ratings: The animated series gets a decent rating of 6.6 out of 10 on this platform.

· Myanimelist: The series gets a rating of 7.17 out of 10 on this platform.

Final Verdict:

If you love to watch animated action series, then this series is for you. The series is also available in English and adapted from the light novel of the same name. The series gets a positive rating from the critics and audience for the graphics and plot. The creators of the series have nicely designed the fight scenes in the series. Despite having 25 episodes, the series never gets you bored and full of entertainment.


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