Are You Excited Know More About FLACK SEASON 2

The famous British show named Flack returned with its second season last year. With less than an hour episode, the show was able to leave the audience with a craving for more seasons. The dark comedy-drama made many fans who are waiting for a third season now.

Oliver Lansley, the writer of the popular tv show FM, MAN-UP,

The creator and writer of the comedy-drama FLACK SEASON 2. The season got released on 21st February 2019. Peter Cattaneo and George Kane are the directors of the British TV series.

Nowadays, people are handling 2 to 3 work simultaneously and become work-alcoholics, Are you? if yes, then the FLACK season 2 is definitely for you. The Fiction beautifully explains the life of a work-alcoholic person and the different things we have to sacrifice in the name of wealth, strength, fame, energy or, apparently, art, and what little rewards one can after doing this.

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Flack has completed its two seasons successfully with 12 episodes. Each episode consists of a running time of 50 minutes. Let’s know more about the fictitious series and see the pictorial representation of our stressed life.

What Is The Plotline Of The Series Flack?

Many times in life, you must have faced bad situations. Everyone faces it, but everyone has their method to tackle it. What are your efforts in coming out of a mentally, emotionally, or physically challenging situation?

You must be thinking about those tough times when you had to tackle it. The life of the protagonist is also something like that.

The story of the series revolves around Robyn, who is a PR executive in London. She manages to help others in clearing up the mess of their lives but struggles to make it work in her life. She has to find a way to counterpart the problems in her life and cope up with the bad, or even worst, situations.

Talking about Season 2 of the show, we are going to give you some spoilers here. If you don’t like spoilers, then I will suggest you not read this section of the article.

The second season is going to be messier and darker than the previous one. It will force the characters to make harder, decisions and choices that will break them personally or professionally. It will include affairs, illegitimate children, and many more. Robyn, in this season, tries her best to live her life perfectly but gets entrapped in drugs again. This time its cocaine. She gets drugs, feels better, and gets back to her job. From her repeated mistakes and heartbreaks, we can have an idea of the pain from which she is suffering.

Not only Robyn, but we also have Eve, who is filling the gaps created by Robyn. Are you excited to know about what Eve is up to now? To know this, you must watch the second season of the show. You can also have a glimpse of his character in the below article as well.


The Release Date: When Was The Second Season Of The Series Flack Made Available For The Audience?

The second season of the show got released on 13th April 2020 on Amazon Prime Video. It ended on 18th May 2020 after completing six episodes. It is available to watch on Amazon Prime right now. What! You do not have a Prime Subscription, still wanted to watch? Don’t worry! I have a solution, go through the article till the end.

What Are The Names Of The Characters Involved In The Series Flack Season 2?

The protagonist of the series is Robyn, played by Anna Paquin. She is employed as a PR agent in the United Kingdom. She is an expert at her work. Her job is to fix other people’s lives, but she is unable to fix her own life.

Caroline, performed by Sophie Okonedo, is Robyn’s senior and the head of the PR company. She is capable of performing her work perfectly and makes no excuses. She has an observant character.

Ruth, played by Genevieve Angelson, is Robyn’s sister. She is the mother of two and wishes to get back to the life before motherhood. She loves her children and is very emotional.

Eve, played by Lydia Wilson, is the best friend and colleague of Robyn. She comes from a wealthy family, is foul-mouthed, and sometimes hilarious. She displays the dark heart of the series as she gets betrayed by her closest friends.

Fan tweet describes the essence of eve character “Just finished #FlackSeason2, definitely left you wanting more. Lydia Wilson was incredible throughout and Eve my favourite character.”

Melody, played by Rebecca Benson, is an intern at Mills Paulson. She is new to London and has to be prepared to sacrifice her personal life because of her profession.

Sam, played by Arinze Kene, is Robyn’s boyfriend. He is charming and tolerant. He was a playboy initially but now is very calm and seeking to start a family. He is a perfect match for Robyn because of his wild side.

Tom, played by Marc Warren, was a dancer and is recovering from his drug addiction currently. Robyn tries to set him up in a relationship with Eve, but she falls for him herself.

Mark, played by Rufus Jones, is Ruth’s old-fashioned husband.

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The other characters are:

Craig’s role played by Andrew Leung

Calvin Cooper’s role played by Bradley Whitford

Anthony Henderson’s role played by Max Beesley

Dan Proctor’s role played by Alan Davies

Allie Gregs’s role played by Rebecca Root

The most favourite character of mine is the protagonist of the show Robyn. Who is yours? Do mention in the comment box.

Update on Season 3

Fans are showing great interest in falcon season 3. the below tweet of fan express how good season 2 is and how much inquisitive for season 3


is a PHENOMENAL show. Wow! I loved the first season. Binged the second on the plane last night and just finished. Wow. Give me season 3 nowwwww!”

Till There is no official confirmation We can expect season 3 soon!

What Are The Ratings Of The Series Flack?

The series obtained an average review from critics. The second season of the show has scored 100% on Tomatometer based on six critic ratings. According to 23 user ratings, its audience score is 87% on Rotten Tomatoes.

A total of 4.5k people rated the show and manage to get7.2 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch The Series Flack Season 2?

There are many websites over the internet where you can stream the series. You can stream it on Prime Video, but it is available only in some regions. if you have any doubt regarding the series you can watch the trailer on youtube to make a better judgement.

You can also stream it on Vudu. It is also available on Flicks.

Tweets of the fans ” This was my very brief intervention in Episode 4 of Flack (Season 2). Today, I am celebrating small wins. Very grateful to

@olilansleycompel to watch the show.


After such a mess in Robyn’s life, we all want to know what she will do to clear it up. For this, we need to wait for the next season. However, there are rumours that Flack Season 3 has been cancelled. But no official announcement is yet made.

If Amazon chooses to renew that series for the next season, we can have it in 2023 approx. A year will go in the production too.

Until then, keep watching the messed-up life of Robyn. It is very much relatable to my life, and what about you? Do mention your views in the comment section below!

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