Are You Excited for the Brand New Season of the Mexican Comedy Series ”Daughter From Another Mother”?

Where Can We Watch Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

Daughter From Another Mother (Spanish: Madre sólo hay dos) is a Mexican comedy-drama series created by Carolina Rivera and Fernando Sariñana. This series primarily describes the story of two different mothers, whose daughters are interchanged at birth, now they are being forced to stay in one family and to raise their babies together.

Season 1 of the Daughter From Another Mother started streaming on NetFlix on January 20, 2021. This series has got a huge viewership of 23 million.

Season 1 consists of a total of nine episodes each of 35-42 minutes in length. Viewers appreciated and loved every episode for the fabulous story and marvelous acting.

Where Can We Watch Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

What Will Be the Plot of the Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

The plot of the first season was that the babies of the two mothers got interchanged and now they have to stay together as a family to raise their daughters. Season 1 was full of emotions and themes of family relationships, parenting, sexism at the workplace, infidelity.

Ana is a businesswoman. she married Juan Carlos

On the other hand, Mariana was single and broke when she gave birth to a baby.

After the four months of the birth of babies, mothers get to know that they have bonded with the wrong baby.

Season 1 ended when Marian was saying bye to Valentina as she was going with Ana. Mariana has been shown searching for her husband Pablo. In the end, Ana was shown receiving her biopsy report, and Huan Carlos was shown as leaving his home.

Where Can We Watch Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

So, the story writers have a lot of incidents to explain in season 2. The story of season 2 will simply explain all the cliffhangers.

The Cast of Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

Watchers loved the cast of season 1. the main cast in season 1 was as named-

  • Ludwika Paleta plays Ana Servín,
  • Paulina Goto plays Mariana Herrera,
  • Martín Altomaro plays Juan Carlos,
  • Liz Gallardo plays Teresa,
  • Javier Ponce plays Pablo,
  • Oka Giner plays Elena,
  • Elena del Río plays Cynthia,
  • Lisa Owen plays Ana’s mother,
  • Christian Chavez plays Manolo.

The cast of season 2 is not declared officially, but Ludwika Paleta and Paulina Goto are the wheels of the show so we can speculate that they will step back in their respective roles.

Where Can We Watch Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

As for the real favorites of the show, two babies Regina and Valentina, which is performed by heart stealers Lena Morales and Melissa Salgado: We’ll probably get to see their sweet faces again. There is also a probability that showrunners may find new child actors for the roles, noticeably they have grown up to a great deal.

Release Date of Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

Showrunners have not announced any official release date of season 2. It can take some time to announce the official date because of covid 19 pandemics.

Season 2 can get released in early 2022.

Is There Any Trailer of Daughter From Another Mother Season 2?

With a very grief, I have to inform you that there has been no official trailer released by the show makers. We will update it as soon as it gets a release.

Ratings of Season 1 on the Various Online Platforms

People loved the emotional scenes showed in the series. Actors have given their best to make this show a favorite one.

IMDB rating It got a decent rating of 7.4 out of 10.

Where Can We Watch Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

If you want to enjoy this fascinating series, then you have to get a subscription to NetFlix.

Season 2 will also get a release on the same platform.

Where Can We Watch Daughter From Another Mother Season 2

You can also watch it offline from the torrent and enjoy the series, or you can stream it online on Fmovies.

Final Verdict

If you love funny family drama shows then this series is for you. Sometimes, it gets sad too but ultimately you will be entertained and get some laugh and thrilling twists.

Probably, this can be the first series you watching in which the main character is LGBT, open, and not ashamed. This series shows the difficulties a woman faces as a mom.

People are praising Ludwika Patela for her role as a mom. Her acting and voice have made this series more attractive.

If you are ready to be happy and sometimes sad then go for this series.

Stay in touch with us for the latest updates of season 2.


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