Are you excited about THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 11 ?

Here you will get to know everything including, release date, plot, cast, trailer.

The Walking Dead hit the gate of entertainment ten years ago. People have given it lots of love. Despite the decrease in ratings, the post-apocalyptic horror Tv series is back with its upcoming and the last season.

The cast of the show has a considerable impact on people’s minds. The writers, directors, producers, cast and crew have performed very well. They are responsible for bringing the characters of the brilliant comic to life.

The developer of the show, Frank Darabont, has taken the reference from the series of comic books written by Robert Kirkman.

Here are some of the details related to the new season.

What Is The Expected Release Date Of The Walking Dead Season 11?

The big news is that Season 11 will be the last in the series. On 5th October 2019, the confirmation about the renewal of the series for its 11th season given by the showrunners. We will experience the zombie apocalypse for the 11th year.

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The Walking Dead Season 11 comprises 24 episodes. The first half of the show will premiere on 22nd August 2021, and The second half of the show will air in 2022.

What Is The Expected Plot Of The Walking Dead Season 11?

While talking to a TV line, Kang mentioned that they started the series with rock and roll and now are back with something big. She said that the audience would surely enjoy the last season of the shoe as they are about to do something that never done before. Different tonal things will become a part of the show. They will discover various kinds of community, and individual stories will have different vibes. Genres, dissimilar from the previous one, will be on the list to explore. New things will come on the way, even in the final season.

Carol and Daryl are the new additions to the show. They have endeavour hard on their part to keep their character alive. For Maggie, Kang mentioned that She is the salient part of the show as she was the one who stood on the Hilltop when they lost the other leaders. People love her character very much. There are many various kinds of stuff planned for Maggie in the last season. She also concluded that there would be a more urban feel in the final chapter.

She also raised the topic of Negan and Daryl. There will be more scenes of Daryl and Negan together. It is a little complicated between them, but he can’t deny that he has played a significant role by killing Alpha and invading Whisperers. It will be interesting to see the opposite characters working together.

She concluded that the action of this season would be like a never seen before phenomenon. The story will be unique as they are not going to repeat themselves with the story type.

Who Is Going To Be A Part Of The Walking Dead Season 11 ?

According to the sources across the internet, the following are the actors and actresses working in the film:

  • Melissa McBride playing the character of Carol Peletier
  • Norman Reedus playing the character of Daryl Dixon
  • Lauren Cohan playing the character of Maggie Greene
  • Josh McDermitt playing the character of Eugene Porter
  • Seth Gilliam playing the character of Gabriel Stokes
  • Ross Marquand playing the character of Aaron
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing the character of Negan
  • Khary Payton playing the character of Ezekiel
  • Christian Serratos playing the character of Rosita Espinosa
  • Callan McAuliffe playing the character of Alden
  • Eleanor Matsuura playing the character of Yumiko
  • Cooper Andrews playing the character of Jerry

Is There Any Trailer Or Teaser Available For The Walking Dead Season 11?

The full-length trailer of the show has not updated yet, but a small teaser is available. It will not give you much information but will successfully set the tone of the season.

We are providing it to you, hoping that you will enjoy it.

IMDB rating of the Walking Dead Season 11?

The show gets love from the audience as well as from the critic. It scores 8.2 out of 10 IMDB. The trailer of season 11 get a tremendous response, and we are expecting the same love for the entire show.

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Where can we watch walking dead season 11?

You can stream it online from the above link. You can also download it from torrent or another online site to enjoy the show.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Walking Dead:

What is the total number of killed walkers in The Walking Dead?

Nicotero revealed that they counted upon the walkers who got killed by them, which is around 4,000. This count is only of the walkers as they film hundreds of them in every episode.

Rick was talking to whom on the phone in Season 3?

Rick was trying to cope with the death of his wife, Lori. He was in the prison boiler room all alone, where Lori’s death took place. A phone bell rings, and he answers it. It was the voice of Amy. She was informing him about her safety and told him that she would contact him later.

What is the count of the kills by Rick Grimes?

The count of the kills by Rick is 54, which is the top-ranked kill count for fans. He is the former protagonist who has a powerful magnum. He had to kill many of his best friends, including Shane Walsh, Terminus leader Gareth, and many more.

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Kang mentioned in the chat show that people would enjoy the next and the last season very much as it will be full of horror, action, fun, and scares.

Simple and AMC are functioning together on another anthology called Tales of the Walking Dead, relating to the backstories, characters, and some other experiences different from the previous show.

Fans are disappointed after hearing about the last season, but the above anthology will give them happiness.

We have to wait till 2021 for the end of the show. We are very excited! Are you?

If you have any query regarding the walking dead season 11, you can drop a comment in the comment box. We love to answer.

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