Are Lisa And Usman Still Together? All About The Tumultuous Relationship

Here, we will unravel the question, Are Lisa And Usman Still Together? TLC’s popular Show 90 Day Fiancé has introduced numerous coupes which went through a few bumps in the initial stage of their relationship. While some emerged victoriously, some failed to stand the test of time over and moved on once the respective season was over. Fans saw one of the most tumultuous couples of all time: Usman and Lisa. The couple not only raised eyebrows, but the entire marriage was a drama-filled affair! Not to forget the tumultuous aftermath!

Not to forget how Lisa accused Usman of being unfaithful to her as he was caught exchanging flirty messages with one of his fans! While their split was not a big shocker as viewers saw it coming! Even fellow cast member Ed, who himself has been the center of attention in the show, called Lisa delusional and even warned Usman to run as Ed believed that he could meet much nicer women than Lisa. Let us take a look at all the details regarding the question, Are Lisa And Usman Still Together?

Are Lisa And Usman Still Together?

No, Lisa and Usman are still not together. Back in December last year, it was finally revealed that the couple is heading towards a divorce. Usman revealed that his divorce from Lisa was well underway. He was manipulated into marrying Lisa, who now refuses to sign divorce papers. Not only that, but Lisa revealed that Usman has been chatting with an adult film star, to which Usman said that he has to as the woman in the question had a huge number of social media followers. The relationship was extremely problematic from the start, and Usman even stated that he could take up to four wives and further added that he would take a second wife if Lisa could not give birth to their child.

Pedro And Lisa

Lisa confirmed their breakup while further accusing Usman of scamming her to further his rap career. However, Lisa soon moved on. Not only that, but she remarried her childhood friend. Lisa’s previous marriage in Nigeria was not legal in the US. In an exclusive new Instagram Q& A round, even Usman implied that he is not single and might be seeing somebody.

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Lisa And Usman: A Brief History Of The Tumultuous Relationship.

If you remember Usman and his estranged ex-lover, Lisa. The two met by way of a mutual friend, and Lisa had her apprehension given how the two had their 20-year wide age difference. However, these apprehensions took a backseat as the two communicated frequently online and ultimately developed a romantic relationship. While Lisa has happily moved on after much drama, Usman is currently focusing on his music career, and it is also going on the right track, it seems.  Have a look at his newest release.

Their relationship blossomed, and Lisa reached Nigeria, where Usman took the next big step and asked for Lisa’s hand in marriage. Despite their families’ disagreeing, the two went ahead and tired the knot after all. However, their marital bliss came to an end, and things soon took a complicated turn!

Usman Might Have Teased The Possibility Of His Return!

The 90 Day Fiance alum has admitted that his time on the show has given his music career the much-needed boost. We wonder whether the former show participant will make his return given how he would definitely want to continue the exposure he gets from being on the show. While Usman did not elaborate on how he might return to the hit TLC franchise, he did hint on his return without making any direct revelation.

What Happened To Usman And Lisa

These rising speculations revolving around his return have been fuelled after, but a fan asked Usman when he would be coming to California, for which the musician said soon enough. This reply was paired with a few heart and prayer hands emojis. It seems like the aspiring music star might be making plans to come to the States and might be making a cameo in one of the seasons.

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