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Want to swim deep into the oceans with the Aquaman again. Warner Bros has decided to make the Sequel again. We have collected information from our sources, if you want to know them then you need to be with us till the end.

aquaman 2

Waiting for this underwater action movie to be swim on the screen again after the first part by Warner. The main topic, we are going to cover in this article is Aquaman 2.

Be with us to know the complete information and the controversies of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Why they both are in a cold war with each other, and what Depp did with Amber, why she took this decision and put the tag of “sexual misconduct” on Depp.

Before diving into these questions firstly, talk about Aquaman 2.

Aquaman 2

Aquaman is a super-hero film based on a super-hero named Aquaman. The film is distributed by the Warner-Bros.

The Sequel Aquaman 2 is now in work and will be released soon. The story is written by Geoff Johns James Wan Will Beall and screenplay by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick Will Beall.

The story of Atlantis, which is a beautiful underwater place. Those who live there have their own life and world, they don’t want to interact with those who live in terrestrial.

There comes a name, Aquaman same name of the movie, he is the main character. Aquaman is a half-human and also the king of the Nation Atlantis. He is a member of the Justice League. He has many different abilities like he could talk with the sea creatures and can change the direction of tides.

Part one story is very unique on its own. It was released in 2018, and now it’s time for part two by Warner. Our article is completely based on Aquaman 2, when will it going to be released, about its plot and expected villain but before jumping to these questions, have a look at the News Related To Aquaman 2 and its star cast that we have talked about above 🙂

News About Aquaman 2

There is a lot of news which is airing, about season 2, but Amber Heard is in the topmost list of the lively discussion. Do you know why?

Amber Heard wants a bigger role, in Aquaman 2 while many of the Aquaman fans want her to pack her bags and leave the film. There is a reason, why fans are angry with Heard.

Amber Heard put abuse allegations on Johny Deep, our pirate man. Due to these allegations, Johny was asked to put his leg back from the Fantastic Beasts(Film).

Now, social media is full of angry fans who want to take revenge on Heard and want to Boycott her from the movie.

Here is good news, for the Depp fans Emilia Clarke is going to relace Amber Heard in part 2 of Aquaman. Isn’t it a fast action?

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Release Date of “Aquaman 2”

The actual release date of the Aquaman part 2 is now on the production table. The release date is 16, December 2022. It’s been 4 years, the first part of the movie release.

But the question arises here, where to watch Aquaman 2?

Now you must be thinking about Netflix right, but it is a clear no for part two to be on Netflix but the first installment is available on Netflix and on Amazon-prime as well.

We don’t have the exact streaming platform name to watch the second installment but if we get the information regarding this, we will update the relevant information in our article soon.

Aquaman 2

Star Cast of Aquaman 2

There is no complete information related to the star cast but some character’s names are revealed i.e. Amber Heard as Mera but Amner is replaced By Emily as mentioned above, Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry, Patrick Willson as Oceans Master, and Yahya Abdul Mateen as David Kane/Black Manta.

If the cast remains the same as the old one, then the cast would be like as we have mentioned below.

  • Nicole Kidman
  • Ludi Lin
  • Michael Bich
  • Randall Park
  • Micah Ohlman
  • Sonny Le
  • John Fabian
  • Graham Mc Tavish
  • Otis Dhanji
  • Julie Andrews
  • Djimon Hounsou
  • Julie Andrews
  • Sophia Forrest
  • Natalia Safran

What do you think, would they remain the same as in the Aquaman? Which star, you want to see in season 2 again? Tell us in our comment section below.

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Aquaman 2

Who Will Be Villian In Aquaman 2?

The Warner Bros has set up Black-Manta to be the villain in the second installment, it was also stated that he will come with more powers this time and would make our heroes in trouble again.

If you haven’t known about the Black Manta then let me introduce with Manta in a short description. He is a fictional super-villain of the DC-comic. Manta is so powerful and used to live in the water. He is going to make more-destruction in the Aquaman second.

Do you expect the same villain for season 2 again or are you hoping for someone else?

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What Would Be The Expected Plot of Aquaman 2?

The plot is not revealed by officials but yes, there are many ideas related to the plot, only one thing is fixed, have you any idea what I am talking about “Fix”? It means Further Adventures of Aquaman. We get to see a new plotline or maybe the new movie starts with the old ending.

But one thing is for sure, this time the creators will come with more adventure, more action, and more thrill. May this will clear the dust from the glasses of the users about part 1, as many of the viewers are not happy with Aquaman and stating the movie is a complete waste, disappointing and complete hell.

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Aquaman IMDb And Reviews

This action-adventure fantasy has got 6.9/10 according, to the IMDb. Also have a look, how users reacted to this action drama.

“The movie was an ok bust since they wanna keep employing an abuser as amber heard, they are getting 1 star. Justice for Johnny.”

“And it has nothing to do with the comic books.”

Bad and pointless

“What is the point of this film? A big beefcake? Because that’s literally the only storyline this mess has going for it. Pointless characters, horrible CGI for this modern time, bad acting, I could continue. If I had gone to the theater to see this, I would be trying to get my money back. I gave it a 3 only because of the nostalgia I have for Aquaman. That’s all that is good about this excuse of an action/family film.”


He would be fit and a lot slimmer than the impostor in this film.

By the way, what’s up with sound being transmitted underwater like that? Is Rian Johnson dropping bombs in space like The Last Jedi again?

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First Look of Aquaman 2

Regrettably, there is no official trailer for Aquaman 2. But here we have a video, that will depict, what is going to happen in the second piece.

Bottom Line

We have tried to cover all the relevant topics and make this article informative for the readers 🙂

If you find this informative, then please let us know in our feedback section, your feedback is valuable for us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Why Johnny Depp supporters want to boycott Amber Heard?

A-The Amber Heard and Johhny both are in lively discussions nowadays because amber put some sexual allegations on the Deep, which are fake- Depp Says. Due to these allegations, Johnny has to step back from his upcoming movie. This makes the fans angry with Amber about her “Fake Allegations” and wants to Boycott Amber from the movie Aquaman 2.

Q-Why Amber Heard is fighting for the bigger role in Aquaman 2?

A-As nobody wants to earn less and when its Aquaman who has earned $1.15 Billion. Amber wants a bigger role in the movie but the fans don’t want to see her again because of fake sexual misconduct on Johnny Depp.

Q-Why fans want to boycott Aquaman 2?

A-The fans are not happy with Amber Heard, because of those sex allegations she put on Johnny Depp which are completely fake, Depp Stated. Warner took a very clear decision to remove Amber Heard from this sequel, may this makes the fans happy.



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