Apple to Sell 80 Million 5G iPhones for Next Quarter of 2020


While the global economy is still trying to recover from the disastrous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple Inc has asked its suppliers to up their production speed for the next quarter. According to a report published on Tuesday by Bloomberg

Apple has asked its suppliers to speed up the manufacturing for a minimum of 75 million 5G iPhones for the upcoming fourth quarter. Apple has also asked for making Apple Watches, a newly released iPad Air, and a HomePod. 

Apple is expecting to produce a massive 70 to 80 million units of new iPhones throughout the year. Apple has revealed that it plans to launch a batch of four new iPhones with 5G support next month. These new iPhones will have a notable design change, wider screens, and 5G connectivity. 

Apple will ship the lower-end models sooner than their Pro counterparts for 2020. Consumers will also get to see a new version of iPad Air this year. 

The new iPad Air will have an improved display(edge-to-edge) similar to iPad Pro. For hi-tech wearables, you will see two new models of Apple Watch. And after the Beats earbuds controversy, Apple is likely introducing new over-ear headphones in the market for the first time. It’s not just these products that Apple plans to introduce in the market.

For some time, they have been developing products like Apple Glasses and Apple TV Box. The TV Box will likely get an enhanced processing speed for better gaming experience and remote control. However, these two products are not going to come out, at least not in 2020. 

If you have bought Apple’s Powerbeats earbuds that you found out to be ‘defective,’ we have good news – Apple will refund the consumers who have purchased the earbuds. If you need a complete story on it, we have covered it here in detail. Please read it to know how you can issue a claim for a defective piece. 

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