Apple to Give Offer Codes to Developers for Attracting Subscribers


Apple will allow its App Store developers to offer free subscriptions or discounts on subscriptions with new offer codes. Apple has revealed its decision about offer codes through this official post on its website.

Apple says these codes are up for one-time use only, which can be distributed by the developers electronically or physically. 

The offer codes are a medium that can attract new subscribers, help retain the existing ones, and “lapsed” customers also come back. The feature will be available this year and iOS 14/iPadOS 14 users are going to be the first one to enjoy the feature. 

Apple claims that the developers get more control over their subscriptions with these new offer codes; the pricing discounts and offers are not new to the App Store. 

The official post from Apple says that the promo codes can be sent to customers physically or online. You can avail the codes while purchasing anything on the App Store or receive it through email. You can redeem the code on the web or in the app before the expiry. You can see the screenshot below to know how the offer codes work:

Apple offer code

Apple is already facing criticism for its aggressive business tactics; we all know their feud with Epic Games. The way Apple is going against developers is being called an Apple Tax. If you are a developer, you have to use a payment infrastructure built by Apple for all the payment processes that go on its ecosystem.

However, the issue is that Apple takes a slice off the pie each time you make a transaction through it, which is a whopping 30%. The new codes aren’t changing the Apple Tax in any way, but they are just a means to attract more followers for the developers with some flexibility. 

If you are an app developer, what’s your opinion on the “Apple Tax”? Please drop in the comments what you think about it. Follow our site to support us, and get updates and the latest news every day. 

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