Apple Glasses: News Leak on Apple’s Next Product

Apple Glasses

Currently, the tech landscape is changing at an exponential pace. Yesterday’s related products are now obsolete. While the mobile phone race ended, we moved onto the smartphone race. Now, it looks like time for the smart glass race. That’s why we are here to discuss the hottest topic in tech: Apple Glasses. 

Technically speaking, the race for smart glasses is not a new thing. Before this, we have witnessed the AR/VR headset. After that came the smartwatches trend. Apple is doing pretty high in this segment of watches.

That’s why no wonder everyone’s keeping an eye on Apple Glasses. The smart glasses by Apple seems the only logical move next. 

Apple Glasses: The Entry into AR Race

The last decade of the 2010s can be called the beginning of the chase for the Golden Goose, aka AR/VR headsets. This report by Bloomberg states that Apple’s developers are working secretly on AR/VR devices for some time now. 

The question is, what exactly will they launch in the market? The report says that they are planning two distinct devices: eyewear for AR and a VR headset. 

If we compare the Apple Glasses with the other rivals, it appears to be almost a decade late. Google Glass came out in 2013, whereas the VR headset Oculus Rift was launched in 2016. 

Apple Glasses: Release Date

The question that stands before us is, when is it coming out? If we see the recent WWDC, nothing was said about Apple’s smart glasses or AR/VR headsets.

If we study the history of Apple products, it correctly points towards the next product, and Apple might be working on Smart Glasses. 

Apple has always been keen on making iOS AR friendly. The latest product, AirPods and Apple Watch, is perfect for creating an ecosystem suitable for AR. 

However, no official announcement has been regarding the release date of Apple Glasses. 

Rivals in the Market

Facebook has tried to push VR headsets through Oculus, which it acquired a few years back but doesn’t seem to be that popular gadget. Mostly a niche product. 

Now, it isn’t a surprise that eyes are set on smart glasses. Apple acquired a VR-streaming company called NextVR and AR headset’s lens, making a startup called Akonia Holographics. 

Speaking of rivals in the market, we have old Google Glass, Oculus gadgets by Facebook, Amazon’s Echo Frames, HoloLens, and now, JioGlass

Even the Indian telecom company, Reliance has launched JioGlass a few days back. It would be interesting to see Apple manage to beat these players. Initial reactions to AirPods were the same, but now it’s everywhere. 

Final Words

Introducing Apple Glasses isn’t going to be an easy job, given how (un)well the AR/VR headsets and smart glasses are doing. However, the market is never the same. You never know when the market will change its approach towards glasses. 

Keeping the price in an affordable range is also another issue. We do think that Apple will manage to do it. If you have liked this article, follow us for more tech stuff. Comment your guesses about what the price of Apple Glasses will be. 

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