Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made Is a Horror Movie.

Antrum: The Deadliest

Are you aware of the most cursed and deadliest movie in the world?

Is there any movie that could take the lives of many people?

Do you want to feel the experience that fears that one experiences in hell? How does hell look like?

All the answers to these questions you can get at the end of this article.

The antrum is widely known as Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made is a horror movie.

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David Amito and Michael Laicini are the writers and directors of the film. They are also the producers along with Eric Thirteen and David Bond.

It was released on 14th October 2018 at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival. It was nominated for several awards also.

Antrum: The Deadliest

A Brief Overview (Horror Lover Get a Reason Why to Watch the Movie: Story Related to Antrum)

It is in the form of a mockumentary. It was first released in the 1970s but then was banned in the whole world. It is a cursed film that took the lives of approx 60 people. It is believed that after its release, many people died who watched it. When it was released, a theatre caught fire and people died. People watched it and became so anxious in the middle of the movie that they all were running here and there to find an exit but the gates were locked. Later, it was admitted by a man serving popcorns there, that he had mixed LSD within the popcorns that made people anxious. There are many more stories about this movie that made it the deadliest film ever.

After some time of its release, its original print and video got missing. After a long time, it was found again and a film was made with some editing and released in 2018 all over the world.

Antrum: The Deadliest

The directors of the film came up on stage with the idea of re-releasing the film with some editing as it was a great idea to re-make a cursed film. It would also attract an audience.

Many research works were also done by the directors related to the demons and devil signs, historical and cultural depictions as well.

95 minutes is the running time of the film.

The film is made in 2 parts: opening and closing frame narrative.

The Plot of The Movie Antrum:

In 1979, this film was shot in English but had a Bulgarian origin. It was first released in many festivals but rejected as the festival directors died suspiciously. In 1988 it was released in a theatre in Budapest but the theatre was set on fire due to a faulty projector. After investigation, it was revealed that the audience set the fire by themselves in the theatre during its screening. A pregnant woman died in the above-mentioned LSD doping.

Later a short film was made in 2018 about its documentary related to all of the above cases. When the original reel of the movie was found after years then it was determined by examining that the movie contains some sort of unique sounds and black and white mind disturbing images that were not related with the movie at all. All these changes were made by an unknown third party. The Documentary has then been paused so that the real story of Antrum can be narrated.

Antrum: The Deadliest

The story revolves around siblings named Oralee and Nathan, who lost the life of their pet dog named Maxine. After its death, Nathan confirms his mother that if Maxine went to heaven? then their mother claims “no, he had gone to hell” giving the reason that he was not a good dog. This reason was given because one Maxine had bitten Nathan on his hand. After this incident, Nathan experiences nightmares related to demons and devils, which disturbs him very much.

To clear all this nonsense from Nathan’s mind, Oralee and her mother plans to make him comfortable with a trick. Oralee tells Nathan about her imaginary friend named Ike, who has given her a grimoire and is an occult. Grimoire is the book of spells that will help them to reach hell and save the soul of their dog.

Oralee prepares a sketchbook giving it an effect of the grimoire to show to Nathan. She then takes Nathan to a nearby forest. This forest is called a suicide point in the movie. She claims that here in the forest is a place where Satan landed on earth. When he goes out of heaven. hey need to find the place where he landed, dig a hole to hell, and then they can rescue Maxine easily. They find the place, and Oralee starts to perform the rituals and rites and starts digging the hole.

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As the day progresses Oralee is frightened to see that her spells affecting the real world. Many incidences happen as the layers of hell unlocks. They come across many dead bodies and many weird signs and signals. They become so frightened that Oralee shoots her brother out of fear.

Here, the film ends, and the documentary resumes again telling that all the rune showed throughout the film belongs to a demon named Astaroth.

The Cast of The Movie Antrum:

  • Oralee, played by Nicole Tompkins
  • Nathan, played by Rowan Smyth
  • Demon Amon played by Pierluca Arancio
  • Haruki, played by Shu Sakimoto
  • Amber, played by Kristel Elling
  • A.J. Bond
  • The narrator, played by Lucy Rayner
  • Cassius, played by Dan Istrate
  • Hanzie played by Circus Szalewski
  • Mother played by Kristen Elling
  • Nathan Fleet
  • Assen Gadjalov

Antrum: The Deadliest

IMDB Rating of The Movie Antrum:

4.9 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the film Antrum.

In Rotten Tomatoes it is rated around 75%.

65% of Google users liked this film.

Where Can The Movie Antrum Be Seen:

you can enjoy the Antrum on Amazon Prime Video. If you wish to watch it for free, You can download it from torrent or various websites and platforms.


The movie is all about fear. Fear is that dangerous feeling that can make you do anything. Fear made Oralee kill his brother.

It was all about sound effects and devil signs that made the movie disturbing. This is the reason for all the deaths that took place.

Isn’t it interesting to know that a movie can even take the lives of people? Watch the movie at your own risk. Good Luck!


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