Animal Kingdom Comes Back With Its 5th Season?

Here You Will Get To Know Everything Including, The Release Date, The Cast Of The Recent Season 5

Relating to a criminal family always creates a threat to the lives of the family members. The Codys is also such a family.

After completing four seasons successfully, the drama TV series is all set for a comeback with the fifth season. Animal Kingdom, which originated in the United States, is evolved through Jonathan Lisco.

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Jinny Howe, Andrew Stearn, Terri Murphy, and Llewellyn Wells are the producers of the TNT show. The series made a debut on 14th June 2016, and the fifth season of it is already streaming right.

What Is The Plotline of The Series Animal Kingdom Season 5?

The story of the series revolves around a 17-year-old boy named Joshua, whose mother’s death forces him to shift with his alienated relatives. His relatives are non-other than the Codys, which is a family of criminals. The head of the crook own circle of relatives is Smurf, a woman who is the grandmother of Joshua.

The Codys will be dealing with the death of Smurf in the fifth season. According to the sources, this season may have glimpses of the beyond and the prevailing lives of Cody own circle of relatives. Joshua, Craig, Deran, and Pope will handle all the surroundings that changed after her death, whereas the rest of the family plans to take revenge. Before her death, Smurf decides to die on her occasion no matter being recognized with cancer. She planned a big robbery and wanted to take Pope with her. But Joshua kills her.

In the past, we will see Smurf raising the twins, Pope and Julia. She can also be engaging in all of the unlawful sports together with the involvement of the underworld. The rest of the members will try and advantage of the energy that Smurf had by replacing her from the place.

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The Release Date: When Was The Fifth Season of Animal Kingdom Made Available For The Audience?

The fifth season of Animal Kingdom streamed on TNT on 11th July 2021. The total number of episodes has not been revealed yet, but will contain 13 episodes as per the sources. The series is already renewed for its next and final season.

Who Are The Members of The Cast Of Season 5 of Animal Kingdom?

Janine Cody or Smurf, performed via way of means of Ellen Barkin, is the top of the Cody family and the grandmother of the protagonist, Joshua. She gets metastatic cancer in the later episodes but is not ready to die and wishes to take Pope with her. However, her plan fails as Joshua shoots her to death.

Shawn Hatosy is playing the role of Andrew Cody or Pope, who is the eldest son of the Cody family. He is mentally ill and once tried for suicide also. He has spent three years of his life in prison and is close to Lena.

Craig Cody, played by Ben Robson, is the middle child of Cody. He is addicted to drugs and has been part of illegal and risky activities. He even has a child from his girlfriend Renn, named Nick.

Dean Cody, played by Jake Weary, is the youngest son of Cody, who is gay. He was once a competitive surfer too. He has a side business of a bar.

Joshua Cody, or J, presented by Finn Cole, is the grandson of Smurf, who moves to a new house along with his alienated uncles after his mother’s death. He challenges Smurf and tries to snatch the powers from her.

Barry “Baz” Blackwell, played by Scott Speedman, is the biological father of Joshua and adopted son of Smurf at the age of 12. He is the head of all the robberies done by Cody.

Mia Benitez, performed via way of means of Sohvi Rodriguez, is a robust younger woman who relates with the Codys later on. She was killed through a gunshot by Joshua after the discovery that she has murdered Baz and robbed the family too.

Young Jake’s part performed by Jon Beavers

Manny’s part performed by Rigo Sanchez

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What Are The Ratings of The Show Animal Kingdom?

The first season of Animal Kingdom was given high-quality critiques from the critics. Based on 48 consumer rankings, the last season of the show scored 90% by the audience. Animal Kingdom Season 5 didn’t get many reviews to be calculated by Tomatometer, so no scoring is available right now on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show received a rating of 8.2 out of 10 on IMDb.

Where Can We Watch The Series Animal Kingdom Season 5?

Nowadays, most of the series are telecasted on Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and Netflix. Similarly, you can rent or buy the episodes from Amazon Prime and on Netflix as well.

You can also stream it on iTunes after buying.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To The Series Animal Kingdom Season 5:

Is Animal Kingdom getting cancelled?

John Wells, the executive producer of the show, announced that the show would end soon. Animal Kingdom Season 6 is going to be the final one. Season 4 ended in August 2019, whereas season 5 is on the runway.

Is Baz the father of J?

Julia, who was also the twin sister of Pope, was the mother of J. Everyone used to say that Barry Blackwell was his father until Smurf confirmed it. Smurf adopted Baz at the age of 12. However, Julia was not friendly as a family member, but Baz was Joshua’s biological father. He never acknowledged him as his child.

How Smurf’s life came to an end?

After playing so many mind games and conducting murder for four seasons, Smurf was shot dead by J.

She was diagnosed as a cancer patient initially.

Is Baz dead in the Animal Kingdom?

Baz was hospitalized after getting wounded by a gunshot. Despite trying every possible way, doctors failed to save him, and he dies on the operating table. This incident happened in Episode one of season 3. After this scenario, Smurf revealed that Baz was Joshua’s biological father.


Season 5 of the show is already streaming on various platforms. You can have a look at it and wait for the final season.

If you have any queries or questions about Animal Kingdom season 5, drop a comment in the comment section. We feel free to answer.


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