Ezra Miller And Amber Heard Are Not Fired From DCEU Yet

Amber Heard and Depp

DC was suffering until now, but superheroes like Joker and Aquaman saved them. However, the Justice League was not a complete failure, but the movie was not up to the mark. Currently, DC is facing issues in terms of a new cast in future films because some actors won’t be joining their roles in the new films.

Reports show that stars like Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck left their roles, and we don’t think they will return as Superman and Batman. So now only a few characters are left in the DC Universe. However, some characters are in grave danger because of the antics of those actors in real life.

Popular actors like Ezra Miller and Amber Heard are on the verge to lose their future roles in the film. DC is almost done with them for their acts and is ready to fire them. Issues and controversies from personal lives have become a talk of Hollywood town.

Also, their negative publicity is ruining the name of the DC Universe. There are some rumors that Amber Heard and Ezra Miller will never return as Mera and Barry Allen respectively. Even Warner Bros. is not keen to cast them for their high profile projects due to their personal life issues.

The controversy of Amber Heard

Amber Heard is in between a lawsuit against his former husband Johnny Depp for abusing her. Besides, her husband has also filed a case against her for harassing him. Their case is in the progress of the trial.

Sources reveal that Amber could be guilty because of all the evidence points in her direction. If DC star loses the case, then this will directly affect her career, and the production houses do not want to work with someone who has a bad personal life.

That can also affect their upcoming movies in the future. So there are chances that she could lose her character of Mera. There are some speculations that Emilia Clarke would replace her in future films. However, the DC Universe has not officially made any announcement about Amber’s exit.

The controversy of Ezra Miller

Another DC actor has come to the spotlight for the wrong reasons. His fans slammed the Flash actor for abusing a woman on the street. Sources say that a few months ago, a video went viral, where Miller was seen choking a woman and throwing her on the ground.

His role in future films is in danger, now because such actions are not tolerable in the film industry. Since his controversy, he hasn’t appeared anywhere. If the production team finds a proper replacement, then he could lose his role.

But we aren’t sure whether he will get fired from his character or not. There are some rumours that he will be written out of Fantastic Beasts, and Wally West’s Flash will replace his role as Barry Allen.

So now, the decision is in the hands of DC, and we will have to wait until they announce the new cast. Some sources even reveal that the studio will keep these stars on board for now. Although they are not fired yet from DC, it can change in the future.


As of now, we don’t know what will happen next. Even if they end up hanging around for some time, it doesn’t look like their roles in their franchises will be growing in the future. You can chalk these up as rumours for now. We will let you know as soon as we hear anything from DC and Warner Bros.

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