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“A defense attorney's job is to believe in people, and to believe until the bitter end.”

ace attorney season 7

In this, we are going to cover everything we know so far about Ace Attorney 7. I know you want to know about this too, that’s why we both are here together, but for the exact information make sure to read this article till the end.

Ace Attorney 7

Ace Attorney is an anime series that is produced by the A-1 pictures, based on Capcom’s Videos game series of the same name, Ace Attorney. The game is directed by Ayumu Watanabe and written by Atsuhiro Tomioka. The game series is created by Shu Takumi.

The first series was completely inspired by the very first two games, one is Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and the second one is justice for all. The series aired from April to September 2016. After that, the other seasons follow after one ends.

Ace Attorney comes about in a rotating world, the courtroom is different. The trials held at the first instance and the verdict have to reach the court within the three days of their trial days. Phoenix is the main character and you must have heard about this many times? Right.

He is basically a defense Lawyer(Rookie). Phoenix is working under Mia Fey. Mia was killed by some other name. After the murder of Mia, Wright starting talking with Maya and befriended her, Maya is Mia’s younger sister.

Maya is able to find out the spirits because she is learning spirit-medium-training. The trial takes place in court. The trail areas such as The First Trial, The Second Trail, and The last one.

Now, it’s time for the seventh one to be in front of us of the Ace Attorney, what do you expect in this upcoming one. Do you expect something different from this installment? If, so then let us know in our comment section.

In the meanwhile let’s enjoy this video.

Let’s have a look at the Ace Attorney characters before moving further 🙂 Also, have a look at our latest article that is inspired by this upcoming animated series.

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Characters Of Ace Attorney 7

Now it’s time for me to introducing the characters of Ace Attorney 7, but before that let’s play a game 🙂 first I tell you my favorite character and then you tell me yours, fun right.

You Need To Stop Judging Things Based On The Narrow-Minded Cultural Assumptions, Nick!

Remember who said this? Maya, now it’s your turn to introduce me to your favorite character, right below in our comment section.

  • Phoenix Wright.
  • Maya Fey.
  • Miles Edgeworth.
  • Mia Fey.
  • Pearl Fey.
  • Dick Gumshoe.
  • Franziska von Karma.
  • Ema Skye.

Ace Attorney

Is There Any Official Trailer of Ace Attorney 7?

No, the trailer is not released yet but here we have a claimed video that you can enjoy and refresh your mind with the old scenes.

Release Date Of The Ace Attorney 7

According to news, it is found that season 7 is in working and going to be released soon as scheduled. It was confirmed that the first quarter is going to be released in the year 2021 but the exact date is not confirmed yet.

When we get the official date we would love to update that in this section, till then stay tuned with us at for the latest trends and updates.

Ace Attorney Ratings

This animated series has given a total of 6.3/10 from the IMDb meanwhile the other ratings are 6.4/10 from the and 6.3/ 10- from the film affinity.

We have also mentioned some of the user’s ratings, from the IMDb on this.

IMDb User Reviews on The Ace Attorney

Thegoombagaming-“As a person who is a big fan of Ace Attorney, I been loving how the story plays out exactly like the game. Even if you are someone who hasn’t played the Ace Attorney games it’s definitely worth watching to those who wanna get into Ace Attorney!”
kichu200211-“Now, I get it. Anybody who was a fan of the games will find problems in the anime series, but can’t you see? It’s not the game. It’s a TV show and it’s pretty damn accurate to the games, with a few differences, of course. It is simpler than the games. However, I love this show. Especially the Final Trial of Season 1.”
Jerry-“This isn’t a straight 1:1 adaptation, as it adds more info and cuts out certain characters. (Such as the bellboy from the second case. I hated him, so meh.) Deducted points because the way they animated von Karma’s face was Gollumesque.”

Ace Attorney Dialogues

  • “You can’t cry yet”
  • “I hope you see the importance of evidence now.”
  • “The guilty will always lie, to avoid being found out.”
  • “No one can change the past.”
  • “Our job is to find the truth, no matter how painful it may be.”
  • “A lawyer is someone who smiles no matter how bad it gets.”
  • “Evidence is everything. There is nothing more.”
  • “A defense attorney’s job is to believe in people, and to believe until the bitter end.”
  • “A lawyer is someone who smiles no matter how bad it gets.”

Want to add more to it, then go onward and share your favorite dialogue with us in our comment section we would to read them for you 🙂

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Final Words

This is the time, to sum up, what we have stated above, as you know we have covered everything we know so far about the Ace Attorney Season seven. The release date is not served on our production table, but we will get that too, after some time.

If, you have any query related to the upcoming series, then don’t feel any kind of hesitation directly ask us that in our comment section or at our mail 🙂 We would love to give you a reply.

Ending this article with this cute conversation.

“You Need To Stop Judging Things Based On The Narrow-Minded Cultural Assumptions, Nick!!!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Will there be an Ace Attorney Season 7?

A- According to one of the reports, it is revealed that the Ace Attorney is going to be alive again for its upcoming season seven. It is believed that season seven will be going to be released soon in the year 2021 maybe at the start. The release date is not confirmed by the officials yet.

Q-Is Ace Attorney available to stream online on Netflix?

A-If you looking for the Ace Attorney to stream online on Netflix, then it’s a big no because it is not available on Netflix. You can watch it on Funimation and Crunchyroll, recently Funimation has done a deal with Hulu to dispatched the series from their network.

Q-Is the sixth season is the end of Ace Attorney?

A-The sixth season of Ace Attorney is not the end of the final one, the news is revealed that the seventh season is going to be released soon in the year 2021. But maybe the seventh season will be the end of the Ace Attorney, just a prediction saying anything more about it will be useless.


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