Absolute Duo Season 2: Do Creators Have Enough Reference Material For The Follow-Up?

absolute duo season 2

Absolute Duo Season one was debut for the first time on January 4, 2015. The Duo is not the innovative content of Takumi Hiiragiboshi. The series is inspired by the Light Novels in fact many Manga series is inspired by the same. Season one ended in March 2015 and after that fans started looking for the Absolute Duo Season 2.

Are you craving for the same? If your answer is Yes, then you are on the right page. In this, we have a number of things related to the follow-up.

The anime holds an average rating of 6.4 out of 10 from  MyAnimeList and 225,472 votes from the audiences. When we talk about the plotline of the anime it’s quite good.

There are twelve episodes of the first season. Maybe season one might not enough for some fans, this may be the reason they want season second very badly. What about you? Do you want the anime? Or You are happy with the ending? Comment down your expectation regarding the same and Continue reading for more details…

What About The Generations Dates of Absolute Duo Season 2?

The anime is unconfirmed at this point by the producers. If there be a follow-up then we could believe the series to get in 2021 end or at the starting of 2022. Fans are asking for the show since 2015 and started tweeting about the show-

Creators don’t want to make a remake of the aforementioned show maybe because of the ratings. The grades are extremely low for the Absolute Duo, which is a part of Manga. When we talk about manga animes they are highly and top-ratted. But unfortunately not this one.

The rating is not the only aspect, source material plays a crucial role in this. As tons of Manga, anime is not the initial ones of the writers or directors, they are adapted from the Light Novels. Like the other animes, Absolute Duo is also inspired by the same, as stated above but “Do they have enough source material for the anime?” Let’s scrutinise this…

Absolute Duo Season 2

Do Creators Have Enough Matter For The Absolute Duo Season 2?

Supporters are desiring to see more from the Duo but do originators have adequate source material? Honestly speaking, the answer is no!!! The creators don’t have enough reference matter for giving us in a follow-up. The light novels haven’t published more volumes for the Absolute Duo.

In future maybe the creators will write up a new script for the anime? What do you think?

Absolute Duo Season 2

Who Will Be In Absolute Duo Season 2?

Wondering regarding your beloved figures? Let me tell you one point that the characters remain the same in any anime when we talk about its sequel or trio version or roughly the tenth season. The storyline switches to some extent but never the personas. In the Absolute Duo, the old characters will be reprise again.

What about recalling the old characters? We have seen Tor Kokonoe, Julie Sigtuna, Tomoe Tachibana, Miyabi Hotaka, Lilith Bristol, and Sakuya Tsukumo as the main character in the anime.

Rather than this other figures are Rito Tsukimi, Aoi Torasaki, Ryutaro Tatsuno, Sakaki Narukami, Equipment Smith, and Silent Diva. Some new characters will be added by Takamitsu Kono. Let’s sit and wait for future updates…

Is There Any Trailer For The Season 2?

For the fans who are seeking the actual trailer of Absolute Duo Season 2, then regrettably saying at this time we have no official teaser, only fan-made are available. You can watch this video and tell us is this good or not?

Last Lines

The anime is not confirmed by the creators and has very fewer chances to get a green signal because season one has very low ratings of 6.4 stars out of 10 in fact audience reviews are also bad for the anime to look what they said-

“This is the worst anime I have ever seen in my life.”

Do you agree with the negative audiences or you love the anime? If, you are on the positive side then mark us in your bookmark section, when we get some official statements then we will update more in the same post.

For the moment you can also check some latest series like- Blood Lad Season 2, Hajime No Ippo, Or Check our  New Manga series.

More Queries

Is Absolute Duo Season 2 canceled?

The show is not canceled and not even verified by the creators for the season second. But there are some assumptions that the second slice will be aired in 2022. Takumi Hiiragiboshi isn’t willing to say more about the Absolute, maybe the ratings and source material are forcing him to step back.

Episode List of Absolute Duo-

  1. Blaze
  2. “Duo”
  3. Avenger
  4. Exception
  5. Level Up
  6. Survive
  7. Silver-Blonder Yellow Topaz
  8. Selection
  9. Rebels
  10. Reign Conference
  11. Killing Game
  12. Absolute Duo

Where to watch Absolute Duo Season 2?

The anime is available to stream on Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos but only for the first season. Season second is not confirmed at this time and has tiny chances to happen in future.


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