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Top Flop Animes

Grasp These Top Regretful Animes Before Streaming Your Next Anime

Similarly, to the movies and shows, animes has some big hit and some significant flops. While big hit, entertain us; dropped and appalling animes...
Hajime No Ippo Season 4

Hajime No Ippo Season 4: Thing You Must Need To Know About This Anime!

Hajime anime is counted in the longest-running animes! Not only this the Hajime enters the anime world thirty years ago which is itself a...
arslan Senki Season 3

Arslan Senki Season 3: Everything You Really Need To Know About This Anime!

From the anime world, today we have decided to pick this anime name Arslan Senki to talk about. The previous two seasons were aired...

Prison School Season 2: Will It Ever Happen Again? Fresh Updates!!!

Prison School is one of the Manga series which is written and illustrated by the same name, Akira Hiramoto. The anime is adapted from...
Blood Lad Season 2

Blood Lad Season 2: Will The Sequel Happen In Parallel Universe? Latest Updates 2021

Welcome back readers in our little world. Today we are going to cover number of things and controveries related to Blood Lad Season 2...
death parade season 2

Death Parade Season 2: Everything You Might Be Looking For!!!

 I know the only thing fans want from Yuzuru Tachikawa is Death Parade Season 2, Even I was praying for this anime to reboot...
Boondocks Season 5

Boondocks Season 5: McGruder Is Willing To Work On This Or Not After HBO’s...

How do you spend most of your time? I know many of you will say by watching web series and tv shows, don't get...
the rook season 2

The Rook Season 2: Why A Redline Is Marked For The Show?

Are you guys waiting for The Rook Season 2? But what if, you get to know the show is canceled? I know this agonizing...
Gen Lock Season 2

Gen Lock Season 2 Is In Working- What is The Actual Releasing Status?

Wanting to know what happens with the Neuro-Science team in the Gen Lock Season 2, you are not alone in this list. Every Gen...
aquaman 2

Aquaman 2: Why” Amber Heard” Replaced| Latest News|Updates

Waiting for this underwater action movie to be swim on the screen again after the first part by Warner. The main topic, we are...

Latest article

Are You Excited for the Crime Thriller, Dead Winds Netflix Coming With a Fresh...

Scandinavian drama, which is dictated or written from the police point of view, is the best to watch for a crime to be uncovered....
Darker than black

Popular Japanese Tv series Darker Than Black Season 3

Tensai Okamura made a Japanese anime TV series named DARKER THAN BLACK which was animated by Bones. This series was produced by Bones and...
Chrome Shelled Regios Season 2

When Will the Chrome Shelled Regios Season 2 Aired?

The adventure and Fantasy genre is always supported by the audience very much. Chrome Shelled Regios is one of them. Based on Post Apocalyptic environment,...