7 Best Android Emulators for Windows PC and MAC (Updated 2018)

If you don’t own an Android Phone, You can use your PC/Mac as an Android Phone using Android Emulators. These Emulators are similar to Android Smartphones, Most people use Emulators for two reasons one is they can’t afford an additional Android smartphone and the second is they don’t use a smartphone often and only use some selected apps.In such cases, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to buy a smartphone and use the apps you need. You can make use of Android Emulators and use the Android Interface right on your PC/Mac

In this article, we have listed 10 Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac

Here is a list of 10 Best Android Emulators For PC and Mac


BlueStacks is one of the first companies to introduce emulators, It was launched in 2011 by Rosen Sharma and two others and as of this year Bluestacks currently has 250+ million users making it one of the most used software around the world. Bluestacks was launched as a beta in 2012 and finally transformed to stable version in 2014, It supports Freemium model meaning you can use the Free Version as well as Premium version it is estimated that 96% of the games runs smoothly on the free version. Over the years Bluestacks has updated the software to different versions such as BlueStacks 2 in 2015 and Bluestacks 3 in 2017 in order to improve the user experience as many users were experiencing problems running apps and games.

Bluestacks launched a version for Mac in 2015, so you can use Blue stacks whether if you are a PC/Mac user

Price : Free

Download Bluestacks Now 


Andyroid or AndyOS is yet another great Android Emulator and it’s been in the industry from almost 6 years now. It is one of the best alternates to Blue Stacks, AndyOS interface is similar to Blue Stacks while it was buggy in the beginning but it soon started improving itself in various updates and the good thing about it is it’s absolutely free. It is compatible with PC as well as Mac.

Price : Free

Download Andyroid Now

3Android Studio Emulator

Android Studio has it’s own Emulator which can be used to run Android Apps and Games. However, if you are not a developer or programmer it might be hard for you to understand the Android Studio Emu. A complete guide is provided on the Android Emulator Blog you can go ahead and try the Android Emulator.

Price : Free

Download Android Studio Emulator Now

4BlueStacks 3

BlueStacks 3 is the latest version of Bluestacks and it was released in 2017, Bluestacks 3 is extremely great in terms of speed and gaming unlike Blue Stack 1 which was buggy in the beginning. Bluestacks 3 User Interface was also improved and you can see the new User Interface and find difference between the V1 and V3. Also, you can run multiple apps at the same time.

BlueStacks 3 works on Freemium Model, The subscription is as low as 2$/Month.

Price : Free/2$/Month

Download BlueStacks 3 Now

5NOX Player

NOX Player is yet another great Emulator to run Android Apps and Games on your PC and Mac. NOX Player was launched roughly three years ago got traction very soon and it became one of the most downloaded emulator of all time. It is estimated that ~50million users use NOX Player to use Android Apps, Games and Widgets on their Personal Computer / Laptop / Mac devices. The best thing about NOX Player is it also supports Windows as well as Mac.

Price : Free

Download NOX Player now


Driod4X is still in beta version and it has a simple design such as Blue stacks V1 and it consumes very less RAM and ROM while running on your PC. As of now, it only supports Windows platform, the developer might also start developing the Mac when done we will update this post.


Price : Free

Download Droid4X now


The company slogan is Play Android Games on PC with superb experience is one of the best emulators out there to Play Android Games and use Android Apps on Windows/Mac. It is one of the most and widely used emulators. It also has charts showing which games are most download on the homepage, with the newer updates MeMU is going to reach millions of users very soon

Price : Free

Download MeMU now

Conclusion : These are some of the Best Android Emulators 2018, However if we have missed any good ones do let us know using the comments section we will definitely take a look into that and add to our list.



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