Is Castle Rock Season 3 Cancelled by Hulu?

Inspired by the best collections of Stephen King, Castle Rock is one of the prominent Hulu shows. Will Castle Rock returns for Season 3?

castle rock season 3

Castle Rock is an American sci-fi, horror, thriller anthology tv series. It is a concoction of some of the best mystery and horror novels written by Stephen King. It is set in the famous fictional town of Castle Rock, Maine created by Stephen.

castle rock season 3

Created by Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason, the series first hit the screen on July 25, 2018. Season 1 ran for 10 episodes which concluded on September 12, 2018. The viewers loved it. Subsequently, the creators renewed the series for a second installment. The second season premiered from October 23, 2019, to December 11, 2019, and also ran for 10 episodes. Since then, fans are waiting for Castle Rock season 3. Unfortunately, Hulu officially canceled Castel Rock season 3 in November 2020.

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Well, You May Ask Now Why Hulu Canceled It?

Let’s proceed towards the reason. As we said above, it gained the attention of millions of viewers. Therefore viewership was not the problem. Actually, there is no problem The creators always had the intention of ending the series with Annie Wilkes’s story.

castle rock season 3

This is due to the preference given to the HBO max series.

Is There Enough Source Material Available to Make the Series?

The series does not lack any source material. There are over 20 books of Stephen that took place in the fictional town Castel Rock. So yes, a lot of material is open to making season 3.

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Will Castle Rock Return for Season 3?

Castle Rock is the merger of the best stories of Stephen King. Each season of the anthology series is a gem. It received immense appreciation from fans as well as viewers. With this huge success rate, it is very hard to believe that Hulu actually canceled the series. Now, lots of series in this genre are available in the market. So to maintain the uniqueness of the series, the creators might not renew the series for another installment.

castle rock season 3

However, as the die-hard fan of the series, we always expect that some streaming might pick up series in the future.

If that happens, we will update you.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Castle Rock Season 3?

Hulu has canceled the series. Therefore, we might never get to see the Castle Rock season 3 trailer ever. Never mind guys. Take a look at the season 2 trailer for further good news.

What Is the Rating of the Castle Rock Series?

The psychological thriller is a blockbuster and received an average rating of 7.6 out of 10.

Where to Watch the Castle Rock Series?

It is Hulu series. Hence, you can watch it there. It is also streaming on Netflix and Amazon prime video.

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Final Verdict

As we are aware, Stephen King is famous for horror and thriller novels. Ans this series is inspired by his best novels, obviously, it is also a masterpiece. It is well written and well-directed series. The cinematography is mindblowing. Sound effects are crucial for any horror film and series and the same goes for it. It has a killer sound effect. If you love horror-thriller movies. It is a must-watch for you.

Do let us know your views after watching it in the comment box. Do you also want Hulu to renew the series?


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