6 Major changes that you can expect from Whatsapp in 2018

In 2017 Whatsapp has added some cool features such as replacing Whatsapp Status with Whatsapp Stories, Delete Messages on both sides, Location Sharing, Live Location Sharing in Chats and groups.

This year Whatsapp is said to be making some more more updates, here are some of the major updates that you can see in Whatsapp in 2018.

6 Major changes that you can expect from Whatsapp in 2018

1Switching Voice calls to Video calls

In most audio and video calling apps such as LINE,Skype,Facebook Messenger it is easy to switch from audio calling to video calling or vice versa which Whatsapp is lacking, so Whatsapp might add it in the list.

2Dismiss an Admin

No more you have to delete an admin from a group, If you want to dismiss a person’s admin status and re-adding him again as normal user. The new WhatsApp update lets you dismiss an admin without removing him from the group and adding him again to the group.

3Instagram Stories as Whatsapp Stories

In October 2017, Instagram rolled out a feature which lets users to share their Instagram story to Facebook. Now, the same is being feature is being applied to WhatsApp as well. You can share your instagram stories on WhatsApp in the upcoming updates

4Stickers on Whatsapp

In 2016, Whatsapp rolled out a new feature which let users share GIF’s on Whatsapp. Now, WhatsApp is expected to add Facebook like stickers and it will be shown beside GIF icon.

5Stop Spam Messages

Whatsapp Spam messages have been a problem from a long time, Spamming your inbox with spammy link will result in your device getting compromised. In the upcoming update Whatsapp will bring a fix to the problem.

6Whatsapp Pay

Lately many companies have been trying to implement online payment system such as LINEPay, Apple Pay. Whatsapp is going to roll out similar update this quarter


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