3 Best Free Programs to Recover Deleted Files

Recover Deleted Files : Most of us store our important data in PC / Laptop / External HDD / Smartphones. Losing some data or all of our data from a device due to failure of it, due to an attack by a virus or to accidentally erase them, can turn into a nightmare. No one would want to lose their important files, But in case you have lost your files then there are some ways by which you can recover your lost files easily.

We have listed three programs that can recover deleted files, but this is only applicable if you have deleted your files accidentally (or) if you have lost them by a virus attack. These methods doesn’t work if your hard disk drive

Best Free Programs to Recover Deleted Files

1EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery can be used if you want to recover deleted files, EaseUS data recovery is available for Windows as well as Mac and even available on Android and iOS.

You can recover your lost data within few clicks, EaseUS has filters that will show you what kind of files you want to recover such as Images, Videos etc. It also has preview mode which let you see the file in case if the file names was lost in the process.

You can also pause during the recovery process, The free version allows you to recover upto 2 GB.

2Disk Drill – CleverFiles


Disk Drill is yet another program which can recover your deleted files, Disk Drill was mainly made for Mac but it also supports Windows.

Disk Drill cannot recover the data if you have disfragmented the disk, Instead it can recover if the HDD is formatted. Apart from data recovery, Disk Drill analyzes the disk in real time and warns you of any threats.

It is recommended to use Disk Drill, If you are a Mac user.

3Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is yet another program that can help you to recover deleted files, Wise Data Recovery analyzes the data and helps you recover the files for free upto 1 GB

For the rest it is quite simple to manage, also very intuitive and like the rest of the programs it is not able to recover the names of the files. Unlike EaseUS data recovery, This software doesn’t have filters.

It also allows you to scan external drives, for example you can connect a Android/iOS Device to the USB port and the software is able to recover the deleted data, it can also recover data from memory cards.

Additional Methods : You can also recover data by adjusting your date in your computer during the startup options, We will share a guide on it soon.

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