Review Of Withing’s Body Scan Scale Will Completely Blow Your Mind!

After more than five years since the introduction of the Body Cardio, the French company Withings has introduced the Body Scan, which is the business’s most technologically advanced linked scale yet.

In comparison to the previous model, the inclusion of a handle with four stainless steel electrodes allows it to monitor ECG, segmented body composition (fat/water in your arms, legs, and torso), and even more esoteric things such as nerve activity, among other things.

When it finally hits the market, all of these features will combine to make it one of the most costly scales on the market.

Holistic Review!

Withings claims to be the leading smart scale maker in the United States and to have developed the Body Scan.

In a French interview with Engadget, Withings CEO Mathieu Letombe explained why the company is growing: “because people are requesting more and more medical and health data and information.”

The new scale is unquestionably meant to accomplish this.

Withings' Body Scan Scale

Though it is identical in shape and builds to the previous Body Cardio, it is packed with more sensors that may provide you with more information about your body than ever before.

This comprises four weight sensors, 14 ITO (indium tin oxide) electrodes within the platform, and four stainless steel electrodes on the redesigned handle, among other components.

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Compared to the previous model, the battery can now last for one year between charges, and it has a larger 3.2-inch LCD colour display with improved quality.

The handle allows safe, low-level electrical signals to run through your complete body, rather than just your feet — similar to what you might see on some advanced gym scales — without causing harm.

For starters, it enables a novel 6-lead ECG that can identify heart rhythms using two sets of electrodes on either side of the handle and one within the base of the sale, as well as two sets of electrodes on either side of the handle and one within the base of the sale.

Because the Body Scan delivers more particular findings than a single lead on smartwatches, “that can easily be ready by a cardiologist,” according to Letcombe, the Body Scan is superior.

It Has An Embedded Algorithm!

An embedded algorithm may detect heart patterns linked with atrial fibrillation, and the results can be displayed on the device’s display or through the Withings Health Mate mobile application.

According to Withings, the data can be retained to illustrate trends or “shared with medical experts through the app” to help them diagnose patients.

“Thanks to the redesigned handle, the scale can now provide you with that information each time you weigh yourself on it.”

Withings boasts that the Body Scan is accurate to within 0.1 pounds (50 grammes), which is twice the accuracy of the previous generation, but that’s only the beginning of what the device can reveal about your body makeup.

BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) is used to measure whole-body fat and water percentages, as well as visceral fat, muscle and bone mass, and extracellular and intracellular water.

Withings' Body Scan Scale

It can also give you readings for specific body parts, such as your chest, limbs, and legs if you request them. According to Withings, all of this allows you to detect things that health experts and sports professionals use to detect things like harmful localised fat or muscle imbalance.

As part of its collaboration with Impeto Medical, a French company, Withings also developed a feature that measures nerve activity.

It is capable of tracking sweat gland activity in the foot (sudomotor function) by delivering a tiny direct current to the electrodes positioned on the surface of the plate.

A decrease in function in this area could be caused by the degradation of tiny nerve fibres, which can be repaired by engaging in regular physical exercise and eating a nutritious diet.

I spoke with Letombe, who explained that “it’s an important function because there are several chronic health conditions like obesity that are related to poor nerve activity.”

Imperato develops gadgets used by neurologists and other doctors that can cost upwards of 10,000 euros, and the Body Scan is a consumer product that accomplishes the same thing every time you weigh yourself,” explains the author.

Meanwhile, Withings will be able to collect nerve activity data from millions of users, which will be beneficial for medical research and patient care in the future, according to the company.

The Body Scan scale from Withings has a handle that allows you to measure fat in different areas of your body.

A subscription service will be launched alongside the scale, with the price of the subscription service to be announced later this year.

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According to Withings, the device will “enable users to interact with medical specialists for assistance and consultation while simultaneously supplying clinical teams with data in real-time.”

Withings' Body Scan Scale

It will also provide users with tailored health plans, videos, and other resources on issues such as nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management to assist them in reaching their health objectives.

With the Body Scan, Withings will be able to provide consumers with one of the most technologically advanced health, sports, and medical home gadgets available – at a reasonable cost.

What About Its Cost?

It is estimated to cost $300 when it is released in the United States and Europe in the second half of 2022 following FDA approval, which is $100 more than the Body Scan’s initial release price.

While the price of the membership service will be reduced to include three free months, it is still a significant sum of money on a grand scale.

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Whether or not it delivers on all of the claimed characteristics with reasonable accuracy, as well as whether or not it achieves FDA clearance in a timely way, will be critical factors in its success.

Withings' Body Scan Scale

As Withings demonstrated, getting FDA approval for its ScanWatch device after it was originally introduced is not always a certainty.

In addition, the company experienced difficulties with its Pulse Wave Velocity (PVW) heart health feature, which was eventually discontinued in several locations due to regulatory concerns.

What Are The Concluding Remarks?

Considering all of this, it’s a brave move on the part of Withings to launch a scale that includes even more advanced medical and health functions.

We believe that is the best way to progress a user’s health, not by requiring them to do additional effort, but by providing them with more tailored information on a product they use daily,” Letombe explained.

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