Tribit MaxSound Plus Review –Pure Sound Experience With Best Value!

Tribit is back with the Tribit MaxSound Plus, its most powerful high-quality Bluetooth speaker yet.

And as one might anticipate, this is another g device from the firm that punches well above its weight.

Tribit’s MaxSound Plus, which costs a little under $56, features two drivers.

And dual passive bass radiators for high-fidelity sound at an affordable price.

Holistic Review Of Tribit MaxSound Plus?

That’s all nicely packaged inside a soft-touch plastic frame behind a fine metal speaker grating.

Which has plenty of ruggedization, a long battery life, and looks good in almost any setting.

So it’s almost self-evident that anyone seeking a Bluetooth speaker for almost any reason should take a look.

Tribit MaxSound Plus

The incorporation of two 45mm diameter passive bass radiators and dual 12W speakers are the most crucial qualities of this speaker.

The frequency range for those is approximately 80Hz to 20KHz, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 80dB.

Auxiliary input or Bluetooth 4.2 (with compatibility for A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, and HSP profiles) are both available for smooth connectivity.

And charging time at 5V/1.5A is roughly 4 hours.

In The Container

When it comes to out-of-the-box features, Tribit isn’t as stingy as some other Bluetooth speaker manufacturers.

Users will discover a Micro USB to USB-A Cord.

There are also two cards in the package that highlights the company’s more humanitarian side.

Design And Hardware Of Tribit MaxSound Plus?

Tribit’s MaxSound Plus features a pill-shaped design that will be recognisable to anyone.

Who has used a portable Bluetooth speaker before, but appearances can be deceiving.

In comparison to many competitors, Tribit uses somewhat softer-touch matte polycarbonates here.

Providing for a more comfortable in-hand feel while preserving the robust feel.

While looking at MaxSound Plus from the back.

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What About The Other Features?

Four springy feet on the bottom keep the device from slipping about.

A micro USB port and a 3.5mm audio jack are located beneath the port cover.

The first is, of course, for charging the device, while the second is for audio input.

Tribit MaxSound Plus

The port flap isn’t too obtrusive to keep out of the way while connecting or unplugging cables.

Tribit MaxSound Plus Is Great!

This is a good departure from some comparable gadgets, but it also doesn’t feel cheaply built.

More specifically, the port cover is unlikely to pull off any time soon.

But it does provide easy access to ports while still ensuring the speaker’s IPX7 water resistance.

When cables are plugged in, the ports themselves are similarly snug and don’t jiggle.

As a result, they should last a long time.

What About Aesthetic Appeal?

The MaxSound Plus Bluetooth speaker offers two modes for listening to music or other audio.

And each excels at what it appears to be built to accomplish.

This speaker’s default mode is to give playback without the company’s patented XBass technology.

The audio output is clean and crisp in this setting, with bass tones evenly balanced alongside other sources.

That isn’t to imply the sound is dull; it isn’t.

Instead, the speaker appears to be emitting audio that is nearly identical to the audio’s intended levels.

What About The Connectivity?

Connectivity and Battery Life Connectivity is usually the shortest section of a Bluetooth speaker evaluation.

Because they all use comparable Bluetooth versions and perform relatively identically.

Tribit MaxSound Plus

However, this is another area where Tribit’s MaxSound Plus outperforms the competition.

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What About The Final Verdict?

Surprisingly, that assertion appears to hold, because the range remains exceptional even when metal siding.

And doors are present between the device and the source.

Even at over 50 feet in that normally highly disruptive setting, skipping and cut-out are rare – we only noticed three instances in over 10-minutes of playback.

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