Whatsapp Notifying when someone takes Snapshot is a Hoax

Image Source : Web.Whatsapp.com

There have been many fake stories being circulated on Whatsapp,Recently An Indian youth has circulated a fake story about a hotel claiming that the dog meat is being served in the hotel and the hotel filed a defamtion case against the hoaxstar and he was arrested.

The latest hoax on WhatsApp being circulated is Whatsapp will notify you when someone snapshot your chat just like Snapchat.

The website(8shit) also posted a fake quote from the WhatsApp CEO jan koum that says “The functioning is simple, just like the blue tick: You will have the option activated by default. If it’s checked, you’ll be notified if someone screenshots your conversation, and others will be notified if you screenshot theirs. If it’s unchecked, no one gets notified”,

This message has not only became viral on whatsapp but even on Facebook,Many Facebook pages has shared this hoax news and left people puzzled.

As of now,There is no such statement from the Whatsapp CEO or the Whatsapp blog,Clearly 8Shit the original website which reported the story is a satire website.

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