There Is No doubt That Shokz Openrun Pro Is The Best Bone Condition Headphone Ever Made

The OpenRun Pro is the most premium pair of headphones we’ve ever made. With upgraded technology, they’re set to redefine everything you thought you understood about open-ear listening. Our new premium athletic headphones offer 9th generation bone conduction technology with two additional bass boosters, as well as our unique situational awareness and comfortable open-ear design.

Unless you have a love for Princess Leia buns, over-ear headphones still look ridiculous despite decades of development. They also send the message that you don’t want to be disturbed, which I’ve found to be useful when dealing with catcallers on the streets of New York City.

Shokz OpenRun Pro

However, after two weeks of using Shokz’s new OpenRun Pro headphones, I’m ready to ditch the bulky noise-canceling headphones. The OpenRun Pro headphones are not only the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, but they also made me feel safer out in public than any over-ear or noise-canceling headphones could.

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That’s because wearing any form of noise-canceling headphones when out and about, regardless of size, has significant drawbacks. The threat of street harassment isn’t the only one. You also risk being hit by a car or bike (even an adult riding a Razor scooter) that you don’t hear coming since your ears are closed. Many current headphones, such as AirPods, include a “transparency” option that allows you to hear what’s going on around you, although it’s tempting not to use it.

“Headphones lower people’s situational awareness, which increases their likelihood of undesirable consequences like accident injuries,” said Ed Maguire, director of Arizona State University’s Public Safety Innovation Lab.

How does the Shokz OpenRun Pro differ from the OpenRun?

Many of the specifications and functionality of the OpenRun Pro are the same as those of the ordinary OpenRun. For starters, they’re both Bluetooth 5.1 devices that only support the SBC audio codec. Both models can be connected to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, and they have twin noise-canceling microphones, so you may use them to talk on the phone or in virtual meetings.

The two models’ physical designs are also fairly similar, albeit there are a few minor changes worth noticing. While both are made of flexible titanium, the Pro version is three grams heavier than the less expensive model. The larger control buttons on the underside of the unit, which are placed behind your right ear, are most likely to blame. This is a good change because it makes it easier to adjust the level and turn the headphones on and off, especially while exercising.

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Comfortable Open-Ear Design

With a 20% smaller size than prior models, you’ll get the best fit yet while still enjoying our unique open-ear design and all-day comfort. With OpenRun Pro, you can crush your training goals while staying mindful of traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, and more.

Enjoy Deeper Bass with Enhanced Bass

Shokz TurboPitchTM Technology, a 9th generation bone conduction technology, delivers best-in-class audio through your cheekbone. Two additional bass boosters let you hear every note, beat, and chorus of your favorite music, resulting in superior sound quality.

long battery life

10 hours of music and calls to keep you energized for two-a-days or extended workouts. The OpenRun Pro also has a 5-minute Quick Charge feature that may give you up to 1.5 hours of battery life.

Shokz OpenRun Pro

This information is acquired at the Shokz lab and tested on iOS14 mobile devices by playing ACC encoded music at 75 percent volume. The type of audio, loudness, the temperature of your environment, and the output of the USB port used to charge your headphones will all affect the real battery life.


They have an IP55 rating that protects them from dust and moisture, making them suitable for wet runs, sweaty rides, and other abrasive circumstances.

Microphones with Noise Cancellation on Both Sides

No matter where you’re working out, take a call. For crystal-clear communications on both ends, OpenRun Pro comes with a dual noise-canceling microphone.

They lack the bass of in-ear headphones, but they are nonetheless delightful to listen to: in fact, bone-conduction headphones have never sounded so wonderful. Standard and Vocal EQ modes are also available, though you’ll need to download the Shokz companion app to use them.

The most evident increase over the original model is the sound quality, but the other enhancements are also quite appreciated. Extra battery life and faster charging are always welcome, and minor changes to the control buttons and charging port location make for a more pleasant user experience. The OpenRun Pro is as comfortable as it’s ever been: it takes a very little adjustment to get into place and sits very comfortably on your head.

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The Shokz OpenRun Pro resembles the AfterShokz Aeropex Bone Conduction in appearance. They are held in place by a thin band that wraps over the back of your ear and ear hooks. Your cheekbones are also home to the transducers. There are two color options for these headphones: ‘Blue’ and ‘Cosmic Black.’ They don’t come in a tiny version with a shorter headband like the Shokz OpenRun Bone Conduction.

Shokz OpenRun Pro


The Shokz OpenRun Pro is quite comfy to wear. They’re small headphones that don’t go into your ear at all. They do, however, apply a small amount of pressure to the top of your ear, giving you the sensation of wearing spectacles. When you’re wearing these headphones and glasses at the same time, it can be a little awkward.


The controls on the Shokz OpenRun Pro are reasonable. On the left side, there’s a multi-function button that handles most audio-related playing. A power plus volume up and a volume down button are located on the right side of the headphones. When you register a command, you’ll hear a verbal prompt, and the buttons will give you clicky feedback. Some controls, though, can be difficult to recall. You can hear your current battery life by pressing the button when you are not connected to a device. While music is playing, hold the buttons at the same time to swap EQ modes. You can enable multi-device pairing by holding the multi-function button and the ‘+’ while in pairing mode until you hear a voice prompt.

Compatibility with PCs

The Shokz Open Run Pro has full audio and visual compatibility when wirelessly connected to Bluetooth-enabled PCs. However, they can’t connect to PCs in any other way.

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