Here Is All You Need To Know About Samsung Q60/Q60B QLED!

The Samsung Q60/Q60B QLED will be the company’s offering for the QLED category that represents the entry-level option for the 2022 portfolio.

It is positioned just below the Samsung Q70/Q70B QLED and starting in 2021, it will take the place of the Samsung Q60/Q60A QLED.

Quantum dot technology allows it to display a wide spectrum of colours, but other than that, its possibilities are restricted.

Holistic Review

For instance, it does not support the variable refresh rate (VRR), local dimming, or HDMI 2.1 bandwidth. In addition to this, it does not offer support for a variable refresh rate (VRR).

These are characteristics that are provided by the overwhelming majority of higher-end QLED devices.

Despite this, it still comes pre-installed with the Tizen smart platform, which is not only user-friendly but also gives customers access to a wide variety of programmes that can be downloaded onto their devices.

Despite this, it is still included in the package.

Samsung Q60/Q60B QLED

It comes with a few additional features, such as support for Google Duo, which enables users to make video conversations with other users by attaching a webcam that is compatible with the software.

In addition, it comes with a few additional features, such as support for Google Hangouts, which enables users to make audio and video calls with other users.

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When compared to previous editions, this one comes with a few new capabilities that were not present in the former versions.

In addition to this, it is compatible with several other voice assistants, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby.

This provides you with the flexibility to choose the voice assistant that is best suited to meeting your requirements because it is compatible with a variety of other voice assistants.

What About Other Features!

The Samsung Q60B display, when coupled with a personal computer, demonstrates capabilities of operation that are up to the mark.

It has a shorter input latency while it is operating in PC Mode, which is one factor that helps the legibility of the displayed text. In addition, it maintains accurate chroma 4:4:4 independent of the signal, which guarantees that it always displays the appropriate colour.

It does a fantastic job of eliminating reflections and can become bright enough to eliminate glare, which enables it to function efficiently in environments with a lot of ambient light because of the combination of those two properties.

Unfortunately, it has a narrow viewing angle, which means that if you sit too closely to it, the outside corners of the screen would appear washed out.

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Even if you move further away, this won’t change the outcome.


The Samsung Q60B is an affordable TV that comes with a decent design, particularly when compared to other entry-level QLED TVs produced by other manufacturers.

Because it is made entirely of plastic, which is a grey colour, and it has thin borders, it will look wonderful no matter where it is placed because it is not in any way affected by the environment in which it is situated.


Although there is some wiggle room front to back, the television is held in place securely by the stand, which is constructed of wide-spaced plastic feet.

Because of the enormous footprint that the stand has, you will need to place it on a surface that is somewhat spacious to properly set it up.

Samsung Q60/Q60B QLED

In the case that the soundbar needs to be positioned in front of the television, it is feasible to adjust the height of the soundbar; nevertheless, certain soundbars that are thicker can still impede the screen.

Back Design!

The television’s back panel is constructed from brushed plastic that has a tint that is between grey and silver.

It is possible to route the wires to the inputs in an easier manner thanks to the rails that are positioned around the rear of the device and the clips that are attached to the foot.

In addition, the rails contribute to the unit remaining in its designated location.

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Because the inputs are built into the television, wall-mounting the device using a bracket that is permanently attached to the wall will make it more difficult for you to access the inputs on the television.

Construct utilising Materials of a High-Quality.

Final Verdict!

The Samsung Q60B has a construction quality that is comparable to that of other models available at a similar price point.

It is not an issue when the TV is set on a table since the wobble is oppositely, and when it is on the stand, it is pretty stable.

Samsung Q60/Q60B QLED

Even if there is some wobbling from front to back, it is not an issue because the wobble is in the opposite direction.

The television is made completely of plastic, and while there is nothing inherently wrong with this design choice, there is also nothing particularly spectacular about the materials that were utilised in the television’s construction.

The television’s build quality is completely average; there is nothing special about it at all.

The back panel is readily bent in the area surrounding the inputs, which is a truly sad design flaw.

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