Should You Buy The New Samsung M8 Smart Screen? Read To Know?

The Famous Samsung Electronic Screen!

Earlier this month, Samsung Electronics unveiled its newest Smart Monitor series, the M8, which features an improved and more elegant appearance.

Samsung’s trademark slim design is available in four new colours: Warm White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue and Spring Green.

What Is The Screen Size?

It is available in 32-inch sizes with UHD resolution and a SlimFit Cam, as well as in four new colours: Warm White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue, and Spring Green.

Samsung’s Smart Monitor series, which will be officially launched in November 2020, is a family of the world’s first do-it-all screens built for modern users who expect a product that provides both functionality and entertainment at home.

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Can You Use It On OTT?

Besides serving as a standard monitor, the M8 also allows users to access a range of over-the-top (OTT) services1, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Apple TV, through Wi-Fi without the need to connect to a computer or television.

Samsung Smart Screen

When it comes to appearance, the Smart Monitor M8 provides both room and work efficiency in a sleek and modern design that is sure to turn heads. The new model has a thickness of 11.4mm, which is almost three-quarters thinner than the previous variants

The M8 has a sleek flat-back design, and its choice of colours, which develop on a fashionable warm white background, may be customised to match any environment depending on the user’s tastes.

What Experts Have To Say About It?

According to Kyounghoon Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Design Team, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics, “We sought to design a device that could accommodate the lifestyles and tastes of individuals of different ages and backgrounds.

The colour scheme for the M8, which is comprised of four different colours, was inspired by the concept ‘Shades of Nature.’ It could be gazing at the pure blue sky on a bright sunny day, recharging in the lush green forest, or eventually soaking in the glow of a sunset,” the author continued.

It has everything when it comes to productivity, and the Smart Monitor M8 is no exception. The M8 creates a great home office environment without the need for a PC, thanks to its ability to connect to a variety of IT devices through its improved Smart Hub.

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Can We Use It For Office Work?

On a single screen, the Workspace User Interface provides access to all of the services required for productive work, allowing users to wirelessly connect to a Windows or Mac PC and efficiently use a wide range of useful features such as Samsung DeX, Apple AirPlay 2, and the Microsoft 3652 cloud service, as well as mirroring content from a smartphone to the M8.

On top of that, the Smart Monitor M8 includes a SlimFit Cam that is magnetically attached to the monitor and can be removed, allowing you to keep your workspace clean and free of unsightly cords.

Samsung Smart Screen

The SlimFit Cam also has Face Tracking and Auto Zoom capabilities, which allow it to quickly identify a person’s face when it is displayed on the screen and automatically focus on the subject.

In other words, it can track and capture the movements of a single speaker, making it an excellent choice for active presentations or live streaming.

Users can also work remotely or participate in video conferencing at home or in the office with the SlimFit Cam, which is compatible with video chat apps like Google Duo and Microsoft Skype for Business.

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What Are Its Features?

The Smart Monitor M8 comes with an Internet of Things hub called SmartThings Hub, which allows users to wirelessly connect all of their Internet of Things devices.

Using the SmartThings app, users can effortlessly follow IoT devices across the house.

The easy control panel of the app highlights all information offered by other devices connected to the M8, including light switch and outlet power.


The assistant, which is equipped with a high-sensitivity Far-Field Voice microphone, can be used to manage devices such as Bixby and Amazon Alexa4 by speaking commands.

Additionally, when Bixby is engaged, the microphone employs an Always-On Voice feature, which displays conversation information on the screen even when the monitor screen is switched off.

Adaptive image technology is included to go along with the monitor’s numerous capabilities, which improves viewer comfort by automatically altering the display brightness and colour temperature to match the viewing environment.

It also has a height-adjustable stand (HAS) and tilts functionality, allowing users to select the optimal working position for any project, movie night, or study session.

CTA (Consumer Technology Association) recognised the Smart Monitor M8 as a recipient of the CES Innovation Awards Honoree in appreciation of a wide range of display technologies available on the monitor.

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