Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Price Drop 25% off! Limited Time Only!

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: For Android users, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphones are one of the best solutions. They have clever active noise cancellation as well as four levels of ambient mode, which is ideal for letting some noise in while remaining aware of your surroundings.

The earbuds are water-resistant to IPX7 standards, which means they can survive light rain and a lot of sweat. With noise cancellation turned on, the batteries will last about five hours, but up to eight hours without it. For added convenience, you’ll have simple touch controls for music and answering calls.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Features

High-Quality Sound

The Galaxy Buds Pro has 11 mm woofers and 6.5 mm tweeters in each bud, resulting in high-quality sound. Furthermore, sophisticated Active Noise Cancellation allows for a totally immersive listening experience when listening to music, podcasts, and other audio content.

Ambient Sound mode lets in sounds that matter, and when these earbuds detect your voice, they immediately convert from ANC to Ambient Sound mode. With four settings to choose from, these earbuds may be tailored to your specific needs.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Active Noise Cancellation

The Galaxy Buds Pro‘s active noise canceling is far better than the Galaxy Buds Live’s, which seems to do nothing because there’s so much outside noise to fight with. The Buds Pro, according to Samsung, can reduce noise by “up to 99 percent” “at 118.43Hz,” which is a very specific frequency that won’t mean much to most people.

Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds, Sony’s WF-1000XM3 earbuds, and Apple’s AirPods Pro all exceed Samsung in terms of noise isolation, but Samsung does a good job of muffling street noise and domestic distractions. If you’re sensitive to the effect, you can choose between high and low noise cancellation levels.


They’re also protected from sweat, rain, and spills thanks to an IPX7 water-resistance rating. The Galaxy Buds Pro also comes with a wireless charging case, allowing you to store, charge, and stay connected while on the go.

Boosting Comfort to Ears

The Buds Pro is a hybrid of the Galaxy Buds Plus (in-ear design with silicone tips) and the open-air Galaxy Buds Live (style cues). The outer casing has been revised to protrude less from your ear and is a stylish combination of glossy and matte textures. This new shell “reduces the contact area between your ear and the bud, boosting comfort and minimizing any clogged-up feeling,” according to Samsung.


The wingtips from the Galaxy Buds Plus are no longer available; Samsung received feedback that they were causing some users discomfort over time. Instead, you’ll receive the standard three sizes of silicone ear tips, which are somewhat shorter than before to aid in the low-profile design.

Samsung says it had explored integrating foam tips but has decided against it so far. On the outside, you’ll also see a mesh area. This acts as a wind barrier for voice calls and covers one of the three built-in microphones.

Battery Charging

The Buds Pro charging case is so similar to the Buds Live charging case in size and design that accessories for the latter will fit the former, and it still charges through USB-C and Qi wireless charging. However, endurance is one area where these earphones fall short of expectations.

With ANC activated, Samsung claims up to five hours of playback time (or eight with it off). With case top-offs, you’ll get 18 hours of overall battery life, or 28 hours if you don’t use the noise canceling.

That’s online with the competition, but it doesn’t compare to the Galaxy Buds Plus’ 11 hours of continuous listening. Unfortunately, on top of its more power-hungry ANC feature, the Buds Pro has a lesser battery capacity (61mAh for each bud versus 85mAh).

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Affordable to Buy

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro is the company’s most advanced true wireless earbuds to date. For $200, you get a good, punchy sound quality, a comfortable fit, and effective active noise cancellation. With clever features like a speech detection mode that automatically lowers your music and allows you to hear the outside world as soon as you start talking, these earbuds outperform Samsung’s previous efforts.

However, they move Samsung closer to a siloed world, similar to Apple, where the best experience is reserved for Samsung-branded devices. Some features, such as 3D audio and automatic device switching (sound familiar? ), are only available when the earbuds are paired with a Samsung phone or tablet.

Because the Galaxy Buds Pro and AirPods Pro are designed for different mobile operating systems, most people won’t be cross-shopping them, but Samsung has never leaned so heavily into its own ecosystem with earbuds. Thankfully, there’s enough good in the Galaxy Buds Pro for everyone else to make it a success.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Price Cut Down

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has also been discounted at Best Buy if you’re searching for a little different design or a more recent set of Galaxy Buds. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, which was released in 2021, improved on previous models’ design, sound quality, noise cancellation, and head tracking technology.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live because they’re a newer version, but with this $50 (25 percent) discount, they’re under $150.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro offers crystal clear sound, intelligent noise cancellation, and easy controls. These earbuds feature Voice Detect and Voice Pickup which automatically turns the volume down when you start talking. Available in black, white, silver, and violet.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro True Wireless Earbud Headphones

Many earbuds might make it feel like everything is happening in the middle of your mind, but these do a good job of distinguishing between instrumentation and vocals. Sturgill Simpson’s “Oh Sarah” and Troye Sivan’s “Easy” (with Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson) are both excellent examples of how layered the Buds Pro can be, albeit in very different genres.

The tweeters can occasionally give out a touch too much brightness and sibilance for some tracks, such as Jason Isbell’s “Be Afraid,” but overall, I was really impressed with the sound signature. I don’t think Samsung’s headphones have the same fidelity as Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 2, but they’re nearly $100 more. As my daily earbuds, I’d be quite fine with the Buds Pro.

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