Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Is A Great Sound Product! Review!

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus currently cost less than $100 in 2021, a year after their release.

Although there are currently less expensive options that seem even better, this is still a great price.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are undoubtedly some of the best-made wireless headphones available today.

The earbuds and charging case are both composed of durable plastic with a metallic twist and feel upscale.

Even a year after its introduction, no less expensive or Chinese brand can match its build quality.

The triangular touch panels, bright, polished finish, and distinctive appearance of the Buds+ earpieces.

Gives them a premium appearance.

The earbuds are spherical on the inside and have a small bump in the design to fit your ears.

With the Buds+, Samsung includes three different sized rubber wings.

Two of which include a fin that clings to the top of your ears.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The Buds+ aren’t the most comfortable pair right away, despite the fact that this guarantees a snug fit.

While you’re running or exercising in another way.

The Plus fills up your ears with the help of the rear wings, and you can feel and hear the earbuds pounding slightly.

That’s practical given that Samsung has a battery life of up to 11 hours on a single charge.

That score is still astounding a year after release and far above average compared to other products.

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It Has LED Lights As Well!

Furthermore, the LED lights on the earbuds don’t flash while you’re using them.

Making them impervious to bedroom environments.

Sadly, their poor IP42 waterproof rating means that they can barely survive light rain and perspiration.

Before it needs fresh juice via USB-C or wirelessly, the earphones can be fully recharged twice using the charging case.

The amount of battery life left is indicated by a green, yellow, orange, or red LED light on the front.

The case is small, particularly for the price range.

But it loses its charge more quickly than many rivals; it is advised to recharge it once a week.

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Every single user of a Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus knows that the earbuds respond to a single tap.

A little too well a year after their release.

The play-pause feature can be activated by lightly touching the earphones.

Which nearly always occurs when you need to reposition the earbuds in your ears.

The additional control choices provided by the app are fantastic.

Since they allow you to simultaneously use the voice assistant.

Ambient mode (more on that later), and volume controls.

The volume can be changed by tapping the sides.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

But it doesn’t always work well because your taps are sometimes too easily registered and other times not at all.

The volume varies gently in increments that are confirmed by a quiet beep in the standard-setting.

Which is fantastic because it is much more convenient.

The Buds Plus have excellent connectivity.

Maintaining a stable Bluetooth connection up to ten metres from your device.

And providing uninterrupted audio even in signal-heavy environments.

The earbuds do not automatically pause when you remove them.

But you may charge one earbud while using the other, remove it to charge it.

And then put the other one back in to resume stereo listening.


One exceptional feature of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is call quality.

Your voice is audible, animated, and full of nuance during phone calls.

The amount of background noise is significantly reduced while you’re outside.

Or in a crowded interior space, though high-pitched noises like passing scooters can still be heard.

However, background noise can be distinguished from foreground noise.

Because it is far away from you while keeping your speech in the foreground.

More unusually for wireless earphones.

The Buds+ transmits your voice more clearly than most other wireless earbuds during video chats.

(like those on Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings).

The Samsung app also provides you with the option to make your voice.

And surroundings are more audible when you’re on the phone.

But this isn’t ideal because it also makes your voice seem quite metallic.

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The $100 Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus lack active noise cancellation (ANC).

But the new $200 Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro do. No clearer statement could be made.

However, the Buds Plus do offer an ambient mode.

Which allows you to hear your surroundings while listening to music.

If you set up alternative controls for the earphones.

You can engage the Ambient mode with a long tap of the side or by using the app.

When listening to music at a low volume.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The Ambient mode does a wonderful job of allowing in sounds from your surroundings.

You can easily hear and locate nearby traffic.

It doesn’t function as well for close talks because the music will still be heard over them even at lower volumes.


With excellent free app support on both iPhone and Android.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus probably deliver text in your local tongue.

It provides useful options and doesn’t request pointless permissions or account registration.

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