Qualcomm Announces ANC Technology to Topple AirPods’ Monopoly

Qualcomm QCC5100 earbuds

The market for technologically enhanced earbuds and headphones is rapidly growing. It was Apple’s AirPods that changed the landscape of the industry forever. Now competitors have to kind of copy the design Apple has set before us. Qualcomm is also stepping up the standards with a new tech that is expected to rival AirPods.

Qualcomm has revealed about its highly anticipated ANC tech for earbuds. ANC stands for Adaptive Noise Cancellation technology

The new ANC tech allows a much enhanced audio experience to the user while using earbuds. With this new feature, the earbuds adjust the audio quality in real-time. How the earbuds fit into the ear of the user gives hints to the system to adjust the performance.

If the earbuds position changes, you can experience no change at all in the audio quality. The consistency in the audio performance is what separates ANC-powered earbuds from the regular earbuds. 

If you want to know why this is going to be a level up for Qualcomm, it’s the same feature that Apple has used in AirPods Pro. The noise cancellation in AirPods Pro adjusts almost 200 times a second.

Another fancy feature Apple gives with its earbuds is called “Adaptive EQ”, which detects your ear shape and delivers the best audio output based on that. 

Qualcomm is trying its best to topple the dominance of AirPods from the market. It claims that ANC gives the best audio output no matter how your earbud plugs into your ear.

At this moment, most of the wireless earbuds you find in the market are using active noise cancelling tech to hide the surrounding noise. Anti-phase sound waves are used to cancel out the noise that can ruin the audio experience. 

Qualcomm claims that ANC will integrate perfectly with almost all sorts of earbuds. The problem with using earbuds for the best sound output is that the user has to push the earbud deep in the ear or twist it, which is not ideal for comfort.

It’s the comfort that Qualcomm wants to give users. It says ANC won’t require you a fit test for ear tips.  You can expect adaptive noise cancelling during voice calls as well.

Although the company hasn’t announced a right wireless earbud with ANC tech, chances are it will be soon out. Various audio instrument brands like Jabra, Sennheiser, Skullcandy and Audio Technica are already partners of Qualcomm. It will be integrated with these brands’ earbuds shortly. 

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